Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?

There are some audiophiles for whom cost is no object; they buy what they wish and every single tweak and gadget which promises to improve the sound. And the industry is all too happy to produce such tweaks -- often made of expensive materials with elaborate engineering explanations. Those who question the value of these tweaks are frequently accused of being "naysayers" who are either too ignorant or insensate to realize that "everything matters."

Of course, money spent one place cannot be spent elsewhere; expenditures on tweaks take the place of other more central factors affecting the sound. In some cases, those tweaks are worth it; you can hear the difference, and that $400 (or whatever) really could not have improved your speakers or sub or amp, etc.

So, the question here is simple: Which tweak have you tried which, after some experience and reflection, you realized was either *not* effective or not the most effective way to improve your system? 
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Great thread, great subject! I’ve tried numerous tweaks over the past 35 years.. there seems to be a tweak “epiphany” every several years.. and have I’ve found, to ME, in my systems, nothing that has made a difference in sound that has compared to the level of difference I’ve heard/experienced with: changing speakers, changing speaker positioning, treating the room, changing amplifiers, or changing phono cartridges (roughly in that order). Things I’ve tried and abandoned include: CD green marker and stabilizing rings, various platforms and feet under components/speakers, expensive cables of all types, expensive fuses, contact enhancers on cables/tube pins, weights, brass screws, little doo dads placed around the room/on windows/on shelves, trying different component locations on the rack shelf, lifting cables off the floor, power conditioners/AC purifiers, and likely many more I can’t remember at the moment. To be clear; some of the things mentioned did make an audible “difference”, but the difference I heard was deemed (by Me) to be more work, or more money, than the perceived improvement was worth... if the difference was even an improvement at all, and not a detriment. I typically have several systems set up around the house, and I try the things I try on most of them to see if the tweak is system dependent. It sometimes is. BUT... Speaker placement makes it easy to hear differences, speaker selection is very easy to hear differences, trying different amps on the same speakers in the same system is almost as easy to hear as trying different speakers. Tweaks that DO work are noticeable, and enhance the sound a bit, but I haven’t tried one that made me think; “Wow! I can’t listen to my music without this!” Just my experience, and I’m blissfully content to not spend a lot of money on gizmos. I’ll try anything though.. just in case!
Hahaha. Yeah, well, as I said.. I’m willing to try things out! I’ve not been constantly trying tweaks... just when I get an itch. Some I leave in place if I like the way it looks (eg.. wood platforms). I love It when I discover something free, or at a low cost, that makes a positive difference! Speaker positioning is FREE, and can yield a giant improvement! I try really hard to only focus on the music. Once a music lover finds great sound, however, it’s difficult to just be satisfied. Thus our “disease”!
“..down there with..” Hahaha. Ohhhhh boy..!