Tweaks to Add A Little Treble Emphasis...

greetings all, i'm wondering what tweaks can be done to add a little forwardness and treble emphasis to a system...

Silver IC's?
Specific Power Cords?

i'm currently using stock cords and audio arts ic's and would like to add a little bit to the upper frequencies.

amp is spectron musician 3 mk 2; preamp is aesthetix calypso with Sylvania 3M-BP 5751 and Amperex Orange Globe 6922 tubes.

any suggestions?

many thanks,
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A pre-amp with good tone controls, a separate equalizer, and/or a speaker with on board adjustments is the way most people would address this. Pretty straightforward and flexible solutions.

Nobody ever said audiophiles were normal though.

Otherwise, adjusting toe-in, tilt, and or other factors that affect exactly which way directional drivers are facing relative to the listener is another other solution guaranteed to have some effect.
Move the speakers in and nearer to your listening position.
FIM 888 outlet to bring in the highs
mapleshade speaker cables
07-12-10: Srosenberg
working on the forwardness of vocals, i just tweaked the equalizer in the playback software i'm using (i always leave this off, but for testing, i was curious) and found that by bumping the 110-220 hz zone just a touch, i was able to make the vocalists much more forward sounding.
Sounds to me like you have a response dip where the Stradas hand off to the subwoofer. This could either be a room suckout or a frequency response gap between the Stradas and the sub. *If that's the case*, then tweaking the EQ or attention to speaker placement would be the primary ways to fix it with your current speaker setup.

Another consideration: Gallo's cylindrical tweeter has a 330 degree dispersion--nearly omnidirectional. For room treatment and speaker placement You need to treat the Stradas like omni's. What I said about room treatment before goes double for omni's or ultra-wide dispersion speakers. I have Mirage omni's in my living room and I can control brightness and treble just by opening and closing curtains and blinds, as glass surfaces brighten the sound considerably and of course cloth curtains dampen it.

Also, Wilsons are known for fast, transparent midrange and an in-your-face presentation. They are designed to keep the room out of the listening equation as much as possible, while the Gallos are designed to bring the room *into* the soundstage formula. You have opposite philosophies and approaches to creating a soundstage and imaging from these two speaker companies.