Tweaks for turntables?

Looking to improve my analog rig some more. Where can I find center weights and absorption tweaks? Any suggestions as to other areas to tweak? Maybe the tonearm too can be tweaked, I own the graham 2.2. thanks
I bought a Clearaudio Outer/Periphery ring. Pricey but awesome. That in conjunction with a big center weight keeps your records flat and stable!!
Herbie's Audio makes some nice TT mats if that's something you are looking for.

04-08-07: Cmo
Herbie's Audio makes some nice TT mats if that's something you are looking for.

I'd like to hear some opinions here about the Herbie's.

I just got a turntable 5 wks ago (Technics SL1210 M5G); I hadn't owned a TT in nearly 25 years and have a lot of catching up to do. One thing I noticed is how--when the stylus is contacting the LP--it picks up any noise or vibration that comes up through the turntable stand. Therefore, anything that can decouple vibration from the stylus will be helpful.

My current rack is a disaster. It's welded tubular steel and has an obvious resonance around 100-150 Hz. I plan to replace it at least with a screw-together type with thick, heavy MDF shelves, and may get a wall-mount TT stand to decouple it from the floor altogether.

For the money, it's hard to beat Vibrapods for vibration control. I put Vibrapods under the Technics' feet and I'd say the stand resonance coming through the stylus dropped by at least 10 dB and maybe more.
My tt is suspended with many rubber bands. I can't see myself doing it any other way for now.
Ok the reason I posted this question was to find out if anyone has seen center weights made with lead shot to rid the platter of vibrations.