Tweaks for a Jolida JD601A CD player

Just bought a Jolida JD601A and am looking for some of the tweaks that will enhance it. Apparently this player benefits from enhancements that will increase the sense of speed/pace. One of the things I'm looking at now is damping material--would Sorbothane or the Cromolin-type sheets be better for the inside of the chassis?
Hi. No one's answered this one, so I'll take a crack.

All players benefit from some tweaking. But the Jolida is a tubed player and a little warm. Be careful with damping material on the chassis. You may make the player overly dead sounding.

You could also damp while adding mass with a VPI brick or bag of lead.

But if you want to go neutral and take the piece to the next level, I suggest some Marigo VTS tuning dots on the caps and chipset. These parts are oscillating and generating magnetic fields of their own. Damping the chassis won't stop this. VTS dots cure this problem where it starts.

Damping the chassis can also provide further benefit given that the player has a spinning mass inside of it.

This will probably get you the most bang for the buck outside of NOS tubes.