Tweaks for a Gallo Nucleus Reference II

I have a couple of Gallo Solos and another one of References. When I bought the References, I was given a second pair of CDTs, that were supposed to be extended frequency (going down to 1khz instead of 2,5khz).

When one of the original tweeters failed, I decided to open it and repair it (it took me ages to buy the rivets, and I had to buy 500!). The originals were far too brigth (as are my Solos - I drove all of them with Mapleshade DoubleHelix and a MF KW500). When opened they had a couple of infinicaps measuring 5,75 uF. I changed the tweeters and found that an acceptable balance could be had only with 4 uF Dynamicaps(different trials with the original tweeters show that the right value for them is around 5,40 uF).

However, they sound right only at low to moderate volumes - when going a little louder I get a peak around 4 khz that is aggravating and tiring. I have tried kimber 8TC instead of the Mapleshades and it is an improvement - more relaxing and full - however I fear that it is the wrong way.

I have opened them some 10 times and I am quite tired of doing it (and have spent a huge amount of money in capacitors). There has been a suggestion to leave the resistor out - will it leave the mids hollow? Do you know what the guys at Mapleshade (that have modified the Gallos extensively) have done? As the tweeter is capacitive instead of inductive, will a Zobel network work?

Thank you for your answers. I am lost - and tired!
I have Ref II's also. I would be interested in what others have done too.
The tweeters can be crossed over with a 4.0uf cap at 5Khz.I suggest the MIT or PAS caps with a .1uf V-CAP bypass.If you truly dislike the CDT,try the 5" Fontec in its'place-see system postings.Both use the Dynaudio 6.5" drivers.
Tpsonic, I had seen your system before posting my message. I would be very grateful if you update your system pics with a close-up of the tweeter assembly, and another of the crossover (that you have moved back)

Do you have as well the new tweeters?
And have you kept the 5 ohm resistor in the crossover?
The modification of the Gallos was done by InSound/Mapleshade.As I understand it,the resistor has been removed and there is an undisclosed capacitor to level-match the CDT.The CDT is brought forward to approximate similar wave-launch using a first-order filter.
I had purchased extra Dynaudio drivers and was experimenting with tweeters to match.That is when I discovered the Fontec.The bottom right photo (system post) is of the Fontec/Dynaudio combo.The tweeter requires an L-pad,as it is 98db efficient.Capacitor selection is crucial.
If you are able to mount the Fontec 7/8" back from the surface that the Dynaudio is mounted,you should be in-ohase with them.