Tweaking the Thorens TD 125 AB MK II What do u Th

I was told that a great tweak for this TT is to remove the 3 washers and 3 bolts that hold the arm and platter suspention down to the chasis. I tried it and it seems to work well. Not good where you dont have a very secure placement of TT as it is sensitive to being bumped. Caution the top will not be attached after removing these bolts. Has anyone else tried this tweak? I would like to hear your opinion if you have thanks!
I'm not sure. I own a TD 125 MK I, and I've used the bolts to tighten up the suspension just a wee bit, which sounded better to my ears. I guess it depends on what kind of arm you're using and, as you point out, what kind of placement the tt rests on. A couple of tweaks that really worked for me were replacing the audiocable, changing the plateau-mat for a Ariston Music-mat, placing the tt on three cones and replacing the belt, which was a bit worn out after some 25 years of use....