tweaking the Dlink III

I've had the PS Audio Dlink III now for about a year and overall its a nice DAC,solid and detailed. Where it tends to be unsatisfying is separation of instruments in massed orchestra and with particular female vocalists such as the Cranberries, Sherry Crowe, Norah Jones and particular songs their singing becomes more of a shriek than music.... this I know is the DAC's fault because the issue disappears with the Oppo DV-970 analog outputs at the sacrifice of low bass and dynamics but is still there fed in the Dlink III as an A/B test.
Wondering if replacing the power supply caps in the Dlink III (NCD 12000uf 35v) with Mundorf Mlytic AG caps (10000uf 40V)would help this?

Anyone else swapped these to good result?
I am shamelessly tagging this thread. I have a Dlink III as well and am interested in whatever further posts occur. I am not a DIY'er where soldering is involved, but I can learn.
It could be the digital cable. That's why there are so many out there. I have even read that long ones sound better than short ones. Try some easy stuff first before you start soldering into the unknown.
Been there, done that with several digital cables. This issue has been present on all. Also done many audiophile cap upgrades on multiple components with the only fiasco being a first attempt on an Oppo DV-970HD died(second attempt succeeded). The Dlink III power supply caps aren't mini components so swap out and soldering will be easy, may have to use a razor blade after desolder if they used an adhesive ring between cap and board. Note that Cullen mods used to be popular on the Dlink III before they went on to other things... the DAC can be made better.

In general I find that better grade caps reduce irritating sound components and improve the richness of the mid range.

Barring any better candidates than the Mundorfs, I'll pull the trigger and order these Friday, probably be about 2 weeks between order and when I have them installed with some time to assess.
I have been using the PS Audio DL lll for about 1 year now with my Ayre integrated and Ayre Cd. If anything th feed from my DL lll is a bit warm and smooth (and more powerful signal) than my CDP. The DL lll is fed from my Sonos via digital copper cable, and then out to the Ayre via balanced XLR cable. It is hard to do a/b testing against the Ayre CDP -- due to the power feed difference. I need to increase the volume on the CDP by 3-4 dB in order to match the DL lll. Has anyone else had this issue? Overall even with my Ayre solid state integrated the DL lll seems more warm and relaxed not harsh. Finally, there seems to be universal agreement that the DL lll does not do well with a USB connection -- and the copper seems superior to optical cable IMO. Shawn
When I grew out of the DLIII for the same reasons as you, it was a better deal to sell it and buy a better DAC. unless you really like working on your equipment. Your resale price of DIY components is often less. I bought an Eastern Electric tubed DAC and it was much better. I got a good price for the PSA DLIII. it was my first DAC and is still a great sounding one. Technology is changing rapidly and DACs continue to improve. Good luck.
thanks Tgrisham. thinking about it you are correct, no guarantees this will make the DAC better and I do want to be able to sell this easily in the spring after buying a better DAC. The stuff I have modded has always been equipment I have no intention to part with. So will set this project aside and move onto others.