Tweaking the caps of the Dared SL-2000A

Can anyone suggest capacitor tweaks for the Dared SL-2000A considering the limited space available inside the Dared for certain caps?
There are two input caps you could change first. There is one on each side of the volume pot. Change with the same value that is in there now.

Then you can look at the four yellow caps behind them. They are the ones that look like yellow boxes. They should be the output caps. Again use the same values uf and make sure the voltage ratings are equal to or greater than the stock caps.

Which caps to use is completely up to you. There are some good capacitor threads to look at.
I'm planning to change the stock input caps to Auricaps. Do you think this upgrade would be significant enough in sound improvement?
The Auricaps are nice capacitors. I think partsconnexion has them at 40% off now. You may want to try the input caps first. They are smaller and will be cheaper. The output caps look larger and will be more expensive. Also you will need 4 of them.
Wima MKP-10's are fairly inexpensive and may fit directly into the output positions. They sound pretty good and many OEM use them. I've used them on several builds/mods. The Auricaps would work well here also but they will cost considerably more. Happy tweaking!
I would put in Mills resistors while I am there, 2-.22 uf caps on the input
And 4 caps on the output new ones maybe all 1 uf all are 400v
Some models had 2 caps at .47 value you have to check.
Parts connecxion suggested the Obbligatto Gold.truthfully I think these better the Auracaps and are similar in cost for under $100 you can transform the 2000pre. I put in a Hifi tuning Supreme 5 a in place of the crap steel fuse, and just used the Chinese tubes gor a 100 hours to runin.
Best rectifier Bendix6106-5y3 or Brymer, the inputs 12at7 many choices.I am using Sylvania black plate triple mica Gold series industrial grade12at7s.
Look for 50s black plates all are pretty decent ask for low noise matching
For this is a SET preamp stage and picks up noise anywhere down stream
But when tubes are great detail and dynamics excellent little tube rush.
Herbies footers and Titanium tube dampers make A Noticable inprovement
To complement the fuse,and best bang for buck I found signal cable makes a awg12 high purity Teflon,Copper digital cable that is outstanding used as a pre and is recommended .a12awg wire can handle 20 amps all day long
This pre is only 5 A. The tricked out unit I heard was every bit as good as any $4-5k unutI out there maybe not in all depts but in imaging,bass and sonic purity a SE pre is hard to beat,forget about the new price you will put $4/500 in modding counting $200 for the tubes for less then $1k total
A $4-5k pre limitations only 2 inputs.