Tweaking my Plinius SA-201...

Weekends are great, eh?

I just placed Furutech fuses on the rails on my Plinius SA201 and am looking forward to hearing what they do. I was also looking at the AMR fuses and the Isocleans.....

Any thoughts on replacing the Mains fuse?

While it was sitting on my bench, I thought:
Why not exchange the IEC inlet, too? There is a drop in Furutech replacement, the FI-03 in both gold and rhodium plating.

Anybody with any experience with that tweak?


The Furutech fuse may be too warm for the Plinius, like the Pass amps. You may want to try a more neutral HiFi-Tuning Supreme. Don't waste your time with a HiFi-Tuning Gold or Silver if you're at the Furutech level. I have previously used Isoclean, as well as the HiFi-Tuning Gold and Silver fuses. I choose the Furutech if I want to add some warmth, the HiFi-Tuning Supreme if I don't.

I used a Furutech FI-09 Gold on my Topaz Isolation Transformer. I liked it a lot. Haven't used an FI-03 though.

What about your power cords, are you looking for the neutral, warm or cool side?

Thanks, Chuck.

I know that the Plinius of yore used internal Siltech which would match up well with the amalgam in the HiFi Supreme. The AMR fuses look like the kind of metallurgy I like....The sound I tend to like is just on the warm side of neutral, I like a big comfy middle, but with a big quiet stage and as much detail as I can get without going sterile or harsh....a tiny bit of sibilance sends me scurrying.

The FI-03 is down their line, but the only drop in replacement for the Plinius. It is their only fused inlet and matches the one in place perfectly. Makes an easy job of it and I won't be messin' with the the chassis!

Power cords are all BMI Hammerhead Gold 5. All the other wire is Gabriel Gold Rapture R. I will make sure my system is up to date here at a-gon...My Klyne 7LX3.5/P is being updated to a 4.0 by Stan and should be back soon.

I am building a nice piece of furniture/equipment rack with 2+ inch maple shelves. Do you have any isolation feet or gear you use and/or might recommend?


Personally, I use Audio Points, the original ones from Star Sound Technologies:

There's some listed on Audiogon right now:

I'd place those on the bottom of your rack. There's those on Audiogon and I personally have some extras that I'm getting ready to list myself.

The 2" points are for heavy items like big power amps, speakers or racks. These 2" points have posts screwed into them that are 1/4 20 thread, so you can use them like that, take the posts out and use them without, or take them out and screw them into the bottom of the rack or anything that has a 1/4 20 threaded post.

For the equipment sitting on the shelves, I'd use the smaller Audio Points, either the 1" or 1 1/2".

Building your own rack may be a smart idea and economical idea.

You can see on my system page that I have a Star Sound Technologies Stage rack. I actually have one more shelf now in my rack where the power supply for my Wadia S7i sits. I'll get the new pictures up as soon as I can.

The equipment on my shelves sit on Audio Points that face upwards and sit on the point instead of the flat top part of the Audio Points, but that's part of the Stage rack's design. Each shelf it a bit over $3,000.00, but for anyone considering a Harmonic Resolution, Silent Running or Grand Prix rack, the price is extremely fair and right in line with those other racks.

Thanks, those look perfect for the rack. I will take a closer look at work tonight and get back with more info. Thanks for your help!
Hey Chuck-
I picked up the Audio Points for the rack, and ended up ordering a number of brass for my speaker stands, speakers and gear from Eden Sound. He is also sending along some mytle blocks. Nice guy passionate about audio and small business....I also picked up some of his TerraStone hybrid cones here. So I will try the three isolation methods and pick the best combo for my liking.

My Plinius now has Furutech fuses and FP901 gold plated chassis mounts along with the FI03 gold plated IEc inlet! Very sweet. More details about the outcome of the tweaks later.

I also ordered several different decorative metal meshes for the door panel inserts on the cabinet being designed to be sure they are IR transparent.....and to see how they look of course!

Pictures to be posted as things move along.....

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

You're welcome. Let me know how you like the different pieces that you bought.