Tweaking my Merlin VSM-Mme's

Very pleased with the improvements made by two new things that Chris Johnson at Parts ConneXion made for me:

 1) New jumpers made out of Dueland DCA16Ga tinned copper wire to replace the OEM single core Cardas jumpers.

Just changing the jumpers made a noticeable improvement in tone and dynamics.

2) Custom RC networks made with the Caddock resistor that Merlin uses and the Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper and Wax capacitors

While both have less than 20 hours playing time on them, the combination of new RC networks and jumpers results in more spacious, more natural, more dynamic, and more live sounding music from the Merlins. 

Next improvement - BAM upgraded to "Master" specs but with the Jupiter capacitors instead of Duelands.  
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Very nice indeed. Great part choices and it is amazing how these upgrades can really improve the sound of existing gear so wonderfully.  Enjoy! 
Very interesting.  Can you tell us how much Chris charged your for each of the two changes?  I have Merlin VSM-MXe's and this might be cost effective for me rather than upgrading the BAM.  Would love to hear more as you get more time on them!  Dick
You are most definitely going down the right upgrade path for some very pleasing and enjoyable sound.
I have always upgraded my speakers with better and or different parts and wire so they sound better for me.

Best of luck to you,

Chris charged me $75.00 for the four jumpers made from Dueland DCA16GA and $180.00 for the pair of RC Networks with Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper and Wax capacitors.  In both cases there was a $60.00 termination fee.  If I was skilled with a soldering iron I could have purchased the bulk wire and parts and made them myself.     

As I recall, the Merlin Master RC networks which use the Dueland VSF capacitors are $450 per pair.  Not sure what the cost of the Cardas Clear based jumpers is or whether or not they come with the Master RC networks.

Chose the DCA16GA for the jumpers after reading Jeff Day's articles on it for Positive Feedback and his own blog ("Jeff's Place"), and being impressed with interconnects made from that wire.  The jumpers that came with my VSM-Mme's are 16Ga solid core pre-Clear Cardas.

Chose the Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Oil capacitors because of their rave online reviews - some reviewers rating them as superior to Dueland VSF.    
If you are looking for cost no object jumper for the Merlin VSM line, Look into the Vishay Metal Naked Bulk / Texas 2575 with the Duelund cast/copper it will be your ultimate audio nirvana.  

@cellcbern Thanks for the info.  Update the thread as you get more time on them.  I bet they'll continue to improve.
Rich Brkich at Signature Sound recently upgraded my Super BAM to Master specification including the Cardas Clear wire, but I had him install the Jupiter capacitors instead of the made for Merlin Dueland VSF variant. It is in shipment to me so I can't comment on the sound yet.
"Master" BAM  with Jupiter capacitors (instead of Dueland) is a big improvement over the Super BAM - lower noise floor, better dynamics, more natural tone. etc.  "Cooked" it for 48 hours with the Hagerman Fry Baby 2, but the capacitors will require some break-in.  Very pleased with the Merlin mods so far.