tweaking cooling fans

The fans in my pro amps make too much noise.My thought is to put inline with the 24vdc a potentiometer to reduce voltage and slow the fans down.I have used the amps with the fan disconnected but they get warm to the touch,not hot.I would like a nice breeze across the heatsinks.I picked up a bunch of 3.5k ohm potentiameters.Your thoughts.
I would think that if the amps only get warm, you might want to consider running your amps without the fans.... I believe the reason why many amps come with fans (in particular 'pro' models) is so that they can be stacked in closed-in environments. We've all seen the local pub that has a stack of amps in a cupboard.
Does the manufacturer sell a fan noise kit that will help? Many projection companies do.
Slowing the fans down should be OK. The fans are designed to deal with continuous full power operation which does not occur with home audio use. I have CarverPro ZR1600 amps, and there is a low noise fan mod that is recommended. Reportedly these fans are almost inaudible. I bought the fans, but have not yet installed them because the amps are located in the cellar and fan noise is not a problem for me.
Well I picked up a bunch of potentiometers (3.5kohms).They do a fine job.If I slow them too much they load up.From my seating position they are almost silent.Thanx guys,