Tweakers Advice Sought. Antivibration.

Hi Gents. Which components are most important to isolate from microvibrations? This is for my weekend house system which is: Apple TV feeding Arcam BlackBox DAC via optical, Blackbox to Yamaha RX-A3000 being used as preamp, which feeds a Classe CAV 75 amplifier. If I have only 1 set of antivibration pads, which component should I use them on for the best tweak? thank you.
I would start with the dac or preamp
Best you do them all, and use only 'moongel', which is used by drummers to damping vibrations. Low cost, and very effective.
I find all components benefit from anti vibration devices.

the source components, especially digital. should benefit the most.

I find the ps audio powerbase, very effective.
Check the bottom of this blog for some ideas regarding vibration isolation.

I found it to be very helpful and the owner of the blog is here on audiogon.

good luck
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