Tweak Reviews From Soundstage

Two tweaks, Symposium Rollerblocks and Walker HDL, are briefly reviewed by Srajan Ebaen in the newest, who seems to be credible reviewer.

He previously reviewed Aurios MIB and was very impressed, he now prefers Rollerblocks (RBs). I have tried both and found the MIBs slightly preferable, however both provide similar sonic benefits being very effective under CDP. Author notes that RBs are easier to set-up, he understates the problem that heavy/stiff ICs and AC cords make to properly set-up bearing isolation devices, this is the one serious problem that some audiophiles will face. The Tungsten balls, $75 for three, is a worthwile upgrade as is the very important drop of teflon/silicon oil tweak mentioned in RB set-up instructions (author fails to mention this).

The current Listener mag has better in depth review of these, also for a "taste" of what these can do for $99 try
the Daruma II.

Another endorsement of Walker HDL, which was also positively reviewed in Listener current issue, has me
thinking I should give these a try. If you bi-wire becomes very expensive as you need 2 sets, Other members have told me they have similar good results using them.

Comments from users of either tweak?
To those that are interested in the upgrade, the Tungsten Balls can be had for about ~15$ each from or

What power cables are people using with these tweaks. My Shunyatas and PS Audio Lab Cables already move my equipment on BDR cones!
Someone mentioned to me using rollerblocks under speakers - has anyone had success with this?
Gidday Red,
Not rollerblocks--but I use the MIB Aurios under mine,and they are 200 lb.each floorstanders!(used Goldmund cones before) and the difference was night and day--they are a MUST under Speakers.
If you want to hear some, Sal C out in Island Bay has a set under his ML Prodigy's--give him a buzz.
The NZ Aurio agent is in Auckland.

Good Listening,

Thanks for the tip Des. I did not know there was an agent for the Aurios in NZ. Stuck here in wee Wellington I miss out on the only population centre in NZ that has a chance to support the high-end reasonably well. You can't remember the name of the agent can you? I will go have a crack on the net to find them now.
Red here is link to page with photos of speakers mounted on MIBs, also shows Sakura/Lab 47 system using MIBs. Also has
typical CDP installation, notice the 12x12 inch smooth stone flooring tile used under MIBs which provides smooth surface and can be shimmed/leveled easily. Available at local home improvement store for couple dollars each

Check it out.
Thanks Megasam. I have bought two sets of Aurios and will let you know how I get on (they will probably arrive next week).