Tweak or Tin Foil Hat?

I have noticed that my tube amplifier has some noise in it on occasion that seems to be related to my AirPort Extreme wireless router that is in the the same cabinet in the adjacent space. If I get serious about my listening and my wife isn't home I will unplug it, but I have been thinking about using tin foil to make a barrier lining in the cabinet. Any reason to think this might make a difference? I just have not had the time when I think about it to give it a try as of yet.
Try running an extension cord from an outlet that is not on the same circuit as your audio system and use it to power the AirPort. If that fixes the problem, you can leave it like that and you should be OK. If you cant use the extension cord for some reason, a line conditioner that isolates the outlets from each other should fix it as well.
Tin foil won't cut it. You might try one of these products, applied to both sides of the partition: ( or (
Yikes. I make sure my dehumidifier, all dimmers, the soldering iron, the projector and the treadmill are off before a session. I can't imagine a transmitter being that close to a tube phono preamp. Heck, even my CD/PC are in another rig. I can hear a difference if there is a CD player plugged into my preamp! I see you do not have a turntable so it may not impact you as much. But yeah, get the audio on its own power circuit and move the router as far away as you can.
I think the cable modem and wireless router will be relocating soon. It helps that my brother-in-law works at the cable company and can easily make sure that we are getting the correct band width at the new port.
Do you hear the noise coming from the amp itself or is it coming from the speakers?
It is noise in the speakers, but it is not there when the speakers are connected to my receiver, just the tube amplifier. If I unplug the Apple Extreme it goes almost completely away as well. I can't claim to really notice it while music is playing, but it is annoying when it isn't.