Tweak for Rogue Preamp Owners

Mark O. contacted me and said they are now drilling a hole in the outboard power supplies and are providing "corks" for the hole.Fill the power suppy with sand and it makes an already quiet tube preamp into a super quiet tube preamp.Mark said it reduces floor and tube noise.You guys that have a "older" Rogue can do this your self.Just make sure you remove the cover first so you dont drill through something kind of important!!! Contact Mark if you need some assistance.I havent done mine yet but will soon.
AS an owner of a Rogue 66 I anxiously await your results and the details of your "surgery"...
Dave there is a recent post at for Rogue 99 where they did the same thing with the sand, said it eliminated small hum from power supply, and surprisingly improved overall sound to boot.
Yes Sam I saw that also.
Sam,if I were you I would call the dealer again and ask to speak directly to him or leave your number so he may call you back.He knows of your interest and I KNOW FOR SURE he will beat the price of the other dealer.Plus he has a demo for you to borrow.
David you can also send your unit back for the hotrod setup for the rogue, I talked to Mark and I `ll send mine back today, I`ll try the sand thing to, here is another if you have tried it yet. Buy the Cardas covers for the unused jacks on the back of the pre-amp you won`t believe how much quiter the thing gets.You can also wrap the tubes in lead and run a ground wire from it to chassis ground. Greg
GREG!!! Where the Hell you been??
David I been building golf courses, but I `am done now so I can listen and play my music again. I don`t have the webtv thing I use my computer to do all the things I need done .you can e-mail me at Good to hear from you. Greg
For all you owners of the Rogue 66 there is a hot rod setup for these units contact Mark about them, he says the unit is much better than you would ever thought. Greg
i'm surprised rouge was so late coming up with this "tweak/upgrade." i've been pouring sand into all my electronics for years. it does seem to have a "gritty" effect on cd replay, tho. ;~)
cornfedboy,what else do you put sand in besides power supplies?
david99: didya happen to see the ;~)? that means my post wasn't intended to be serious. fact is: i wouldn't intentionally allow a speck of dust to enter any of my components, let alone sand. the whole idea of this "tweak" makes me think that rouge gear is just a little past the outer edge of "mainstream." hey, you like it, go for it. just don't let your cat know.
not sure what you mean by Rogue being on the outer edge of "mainstream" but if its a negative hit about Rogue products then I guess you havent heard any.If the sand improves the performance of the power supply than I see nothing wrong with that.Many products are "Tweaked" and altered for better performance.The sand lowers the heat build up in the power supply thus lowering noise floor.Sounds worth a try to me.cornfedboy,Im not sure what your reply was intended for but I saw it just as a chance to make a negative crack about a very fine product.I have to give your post a big fat negative vote! Oh and :)
david99: your last post is a perfect exemplar of the fallacy of audiogan's proposed "voting" policy. you admit that you don't understand it, yet would give it a minus vote. why? cuz' i've rightfully flamed you before and, like an apocryrphal elephant, you never forget. fact is: i didn't intend to dump on rouge as a whole, only on the sand-fill "tweak." i find it really crude sounding and potentially messy. i've never listened to rouge pre's, at least as far as i'm aware, tho i've read some decent reviews of the 66. not my cuppa' but i'm sure it's a boon to those unwilling or unable to spend more than $1300 on a pre. interesting what the 10/00 stererophile review sez about the rouge's "taming" rough-edged amps. i prefer amps that don't require taming. to each his own, eh? peace david; i'm not your enemy or adversary, just a guy, like you, with opinions i don't mind expressing for all to see.
The pre-amp we are discussing is the 99 not the 66.I do understand the voting system quite well.When it was mentioned how some posters use creative wording to inflame yet make it appear they are not,I thought of you cornfedboy.I am not your enemy either,I just get tired of readng wise cracks about other peoples gear.Maybe your system is better (costs more) then many others on here but you still could be more sensitive in your opinions of others gear.You dont read Albert Porter making cracks about your stuff do you? I mention him only because he seems to have the best stereo on this site and has the most class.
My only concern with a "tweak" or "mod" like this would be heat dissipation. If there are any parts that are running near their rated amount of power dissipation, doing something like this could cause premature parts failure due to excessive heat build-up. The sand would act as an insulator minimizing the natural convection of heat away from the components. Hopefully, the designers / manufacturer has taken this into account and is not just offering the "latest / greatest" mod just to keep up with the "in" crowd of "tweakaholics". This is not to mention that all sand should be thoroughly sifted and dried before putting into ANYTHING. Don't trust pre-packaged "children's sand" as being clean, sterile or dry. I would hate for someone to find out the hard & expensive way that the sand was moist or had conductive contaminants in it and that their gear shorted out from doing something of this nature. Sean >
Of course the designer of the pre-amp has taken all this into account.Rogue is no fly by night company.The designer at first WAS concerned of heat build up but testing showed the sand actually reduced heat build up (as I previously posted) Rogue also stressed to make sure the sand is clean and dry which is obvious and a no brainer anyway.
David, i simply mentioned those things as some people might take for granted that this "tweak" might work on other gear and do it without considering some of the existing consequences. On the same note, some folks are "trusting" and assume that "store bought" sand would have already been filtered and should be dry from sitting inside the store. Needless to say, foreign particles DO make it into just about anything that is mass produced and pre-packaged and moisture / condensation can collect within sealed plastic bags. Sorry if you took offense, but i was just trying to cover all of our "assets" : ) Sean >