Tweak for Magnepan users

Forgive me if this thread has previously wound it's way through here, but I am a new A'ger. My Magnepan MGIIIa's have been sitting on my heavily carpeted floor. They have always sounded great but due to their height and weight, they were mushed down in the thick carpet/pad.

The other day, I went to a local granite/marble company and got two 1 inch thick blue pearl granite slabs (very nice to look at: black w/blue and pearl shading) cut to fit the Maggies. Cheap(relative to how expensive our hobby is), and fairly heavy. Each slab weighs in at about 50lb.

Slabs on the floor, Maggies on the slabs. HUGE difference in my room. I'll spare you all the usual - suffice to say "there is much more there, there"

Rock solid imaging (pun intended), air, bass extension. And an added benefit: The speakers seem much more stable.

Anyone else ever try this one?
Dear Slipknot1

Do your MGIIIs have the narrow feet from front to back or the bigger wooden (chipboard?) bases?

Did you just plop them on top of the marble or use tiptoes or padding etc? They don't slide around?

I too would love to hear any other ideas for modifying the bases of maggies.
Cwlondon : I have the wooden bases on them. They are currently sitting on the granite. Their mass keeps them from sliding around - but- I am kicking around the notion of putting cones on the bottoms of the Maggies, and putting the tips of the cones directly to the granite.

Must be careful though in adding too much height: wood bases, cones, plus the inch of granite; might throw the sweet spot off and I'll wind up sitting on a phone book to listen...

I recently placed my Maggies on a slab of 2" solid maple (from Mapleshade Records), and was very pleased with the changes. I had tried other sizes/types of wood previously that did not really do much. I believe there are also benefits from elevating the speakers a few inches.

Also being concerned about the stock stands that made the Maggies wobble when pushed at the top, I had custom stands made. The combination of the maple slabs and custom stands has really brought things together for my system. I also took my Maggies apart, and built an external xo prior to adding the custom stands. I was really amazed at how much detail was being lost by the stock stands. Bass was improved after adding the stands which I was anticipating, but I was surprised how everything else was improved throughout the range. Grant's stands come with 4 threaded brass cones per speaker stand, and the rear struts are hollow to place sand or whatever material you may want to use.

Here is the website for the Maggie owner (Grant VanderMye) that custom makes stands for the 1.6 & 3 series Magneplanars. These stands came recommended by individuals over at the Planar aslyum at AA, so you can do a search and get additional input.

Thanks for the info, I'll look into the stands. It looks very promising.

I also updated the external xo on my IIIa's with better components and it made a huge difference.