Tweak a Jolida 302B or Look Elsewhere?

Looking for a good tube-amp match to go with the following system:

Proac 2.5 and Vandersteen 2CE Sig speakers
Rogue Audio 66 Preamp
Cambridge Audio D500SE CDP (soon to upgrade to Arcam FMJ or ???)

I currently own a Jolida 302B that has a slightly humming transformer, and as long as I'm going to fix the tranformer I might consider making some mods. What do you think - is a tweaked 302B suitable for this system, or should I just sell the 302B (fixed or as-is) and go for a different tube amp (e.g. AR, Berning, ???).

Note: someone mentioned to me that the transformer hum could just be a grounding issue. I'll try a cheater. Also, any recommendations for the CDP upgrade with this system. Thanks Alot.
Very often transformer hum can be cured by tightning or loosening the bolts that mount the transformer to the chassis.
I have a 302B that has the same issue (a low "hmmmmm", and I bought it brand new from a local dealer early in 2002. Is this just a Jolida thing? I haven't been bothered by it enough to consider replacing it though. One thing that I did to mine was to have my dealer replace the coupling capacitors with BIG Kimber units, and this provided a more powerful sound, especially in the bass. It didn't make a whit of difference about the hum, but the sound is better. Of course, the tubes are all better, too. I would love to hear from other 302B owners about this "hmmmm" sound to see if it's a common affliction.
I have listened to a modified 302b from dajavu audio in mclean va that they sell for 1500.00 that had no hum what so ever, and drove my dynaudio's beautifuly so pretty good listening levels.I think there web site is
While my 302B doesn't hum, I've had other (much more expensive) amps that did. The technique Viridian suggests may well solve your problem. In one instance I mounted the transformers on rubber grommets, which worked quite well.