TW Raven 10.5" Tonearm what cart are you using?

Hi, I would like owners or individules to chime in who have heard this arm and with what cart, what combo did they prefer and why?

My table is the TW Raven Black Knight, my plans are to have only two arms set-up on this table.

Arm 1. - REED 12", is currently set-up already paired up with a My Sonic Labs Ultimate BC cart and I'm lovin it.

Arm 2. - TW 10.5 arm which is actually already mounted but haven't decided which cart as of yet to pair up with it.

I do have a few on my SHORT list, see below in no order;

- Lyra Olympos
- Ortofon MC A90
- Transfiguration Orpheus L
- Dynavector XV-1T

My set-up consist of;

- TW Black Knight table placed on a custom made Minus K
- MBL 101E speakers
- VAC Sig. MK2a pre with phono built in
- VAC Statement 450 mono blocks
- Stealth Audio cables through out
Hi Dev, if you like the Reed/My Sonic combo and want to go in the same direction, I would recommend pairing the 10.5 with the A90.
If you want an alternative in sound, go for either the Olympos or the XV-1t.
I m using raven 10.5 with zyx Omega gold. Love it. May try it with dynavector xv-1s ( not set up yet) which I noticed thomas of raven is using . I also noticed that some dealers prefer ortofon cadenza with raven 10.5 rather than ortofon A90
Hi Deronarm, my friend who has two tables.

Verdier with the REED/My Sonic combo, second table being the TW AC with a Shroeder Ref/Olympos combo I find the sound at his place actually to be more similar than different with these two set-ups so that's od with your thoughts above.

Can you elaborate a little more on the differences sonically you hear, I was all set in getting the Olympos but held off mainly because of this.

When listening to my friends set-up I always enjoy either, actually prefered the S/O combo slightly but due to the arm set-up apparently not being the easiest to deal with etc. and to get a Olympos cart not the easiest either I went for the REED/MSL combo direction and I'm very content.

I recently heard a A90 not but paired up with either associated table and/or arm but with the same speakers, amps and pre with phono as mine and really enjoyed it.

I haven't heard the XV-1t but owned the latest XV-1s cart which I just sold, I had it paired up with a Graham Phantom MK2 arm.

Hi Audioblazer, thanks for the input.

I'm really looking for something to compete with my other set-up, sonically a alternative sound but not sacrafice anything.

I suppose my biggest down side is not knowing what this arm sounds like in combination with any cart or actually at all because I have never heard one. I was going to mount my XV-1s cart but then it sold so I didn't, I had previously already made up my mind to sell it after hearing my friends set-up many times and preferred either the Olympos or MSL cart combos at his place.
Dev, Great system !!!
If the Reed and Ultimate BC rings your bell then I would think that you may want to go in a different direction with the 10.5.
The Dyna XV-1t pairs very well with it.
I believe Audioblazer is correct and the Cadenza Black is awaiting my eventual purchase of the 10.5
Hi Goldeneraguy,
thanks I'm truely enjoying it, thanks for your input.

In relation to the carts, after hearing the A90 I actually will say I preferred it over my XV-1s. Jeff mentioned that Ortofon Cadenza Black cart also to me along with the A90 and XV-1t.

Guess I need to find some others with these in them and have a listen, still this is hard because of all the other differences so in the end I might just have to buy and try my self etc.
I have heard three of the four, and put them in this order:

1 - Lyra Olympos (detailed, but musical)
2 - Dynavector XV-1T (lively and musical)
3 - Ortofon MC A90 (It's not my cup of tea, but I don't believe you can get a new one, anyway.)

I have no idea about the Transfiguration Orpheus L, but it is highly regarded.
Dev, you are right on.If you are auditioning a cartridge (or any other component for that matter)in a system that you are not familiar with it is extremely difficult(possibly impossible)to pin down which component is doing what.
You have put together a top tier system,I'm sure which ever cartridge you select will be the correct one for you.
Goldeneraguy, auditioning new pces as we know is bad enough but doing such with carts personally is my least favorite due to what is involved.

So for now two are on my real short list because I have personally heard, Olympos and A90.

Mosin, thanks for your input but currently there are actually a couple brand new A90 for sale as I write this. You mentioned "it's not your cup of tea" did you happen to own one? if so what did you not like about it.

I suppose my tastes run more toward the sound of the Lyra. The A90 seemed to be missing something, some expected detail maybe? Anyway, it is a choice of flavors, isn't it?
Hi Mosin, I won't disagree for sure it's a choice of flavours for sure like everything related in audio.

No disagreeing, I really like the sound of Olympos also.

When I heard the A90 nothing negative jumped out, I preferred the sound over my XV-1s cart.

Using your analogy I would put it in your 2 - Dynavector XV-1T (lively and musical) more so than my XV-1s. Now that being said I have no long term or it actually being in my system so my end thought may change.
If I were operating within or around the budget you are I would consider having two table/arm/cartridge set-ups instead of just one turntable. As an alternative or in addition, I could experiment with different electronics too. One table and two arms/cartridges is never the best solution, as I see it. I would probably start by trying a few phono stages, something like Lamm, Allnic and Zanden.
Inna, a thought for you would be to read a thread first that you are going to respond to because reading your posting above it is totally not constructive and only comes across in many ways of being insulting.

Please if you are going to post be constructive or don't post at all.
What exactly did you find insulting? That was certainly not my intention as far as I know. I always read everything before responding and I think in my own way I was constructive. If you didn't like what I said, it's perfectly fine with me and should be with you as well.
Inna, why the debate? your first thread is non constructive, same as this one. I asked some pretty straight forward questions, please stay on topic and read the actual posting before you push those keys and click Submit, if you do not have anything contructive then why post, there are lots of other threads out there you can reply too.
I understand why Dev's upset. He got Raven AC before upgrading to Black Knight. He even initiated a post on this. So after weighing his options and finally pulling the trigger, someone would suggest it's better to get two turntables, boy...

Mesael, are you for real? I'm not upset so get your facts straight and your post is even more rediculous than the other one.

Can you read? try doing this some time prior to posting such a nonsence reply, are you are doing is trolling.

My post says;

TW Raven 10.5" Tonearm what cart are you using?

Hi, I would like owners or individules to chime in who have heard this arm and with what cart, what combo did they prefer and why?

where does it mention anything about my table duh!
Dev, lets get this thread back on track.

I am using a ZYX Universe x on my Raven 10.5/Raven AC and I like the results. But I have a lot of interest in what cartdriges others use and like with the 10.5.

Are you trying to avoid anything in a cartdrige, e.g. one that is on the warm side?
Hi Tdaudio, thanks.

I have interest in what other 10.5 owners are using along with their comparisons of other carts they have tried also.

Cart; I don't want anything that is too warm making the bass fat etc. or too detailed and fatigue to me, to the point of not wanting to listen.

I like what Mosin wrote;

1 - Lyra Olympos (detailed, but musical)
2 - Dynavector XV-1T (lively and musical)

Listening at my freind's place on a AC table it was detailed but I could listen for ever without fatigue. I'm just wondering with the different design of arms what over all effect this will have. My friends set-up the combo is a Schroeder Ref/Olympos. I would think the 10.5 arm and Shroeder should sound substantially different and in the end having effect on the cart chosen and mounted.

I should have mounted my XV-1s but it was just a timing issue and then it was sold it, oh well.

Hi Dev

I'm using the Ortofon A90 on a TW AC. The combination is GREAT.

The front end is:

TW AC/TW 10.5/ A90/
Whest Audio MC REF V MK4 phonostage.
Hi Dcarol,

I actually decided to pick-up a A90 my self, looking forward to instaling it.

How do you have yours set-up?