Tw acustik turntables

Does anyone have any experience with the TW raven one turntable with regards to performance, sound, reliabilty, etc...
The Raven One is the HiFi component I value the mosy highly in my 25 years as a musician and audiophile.
Rather than being redundant, I'd suggest you search the Audiogon archives and you'll find many supporting comments.
Wayne Garcia of the Absolute Sound has a full review of the TW Raven One coming up in issue 183.

He also comments on this incredible table in the currant issue of TAS.

You can also go to for a review of the Raven One.

And by all means take Jdolgin advice and do a search here on the Gon.
I agree with jdolgin, I have had my Raven one for 4 months, a marked improvement on the LP12 and Origin Live resolution I was using before, even with the basic Jelco arm.
I have heard a lot of outstanding reviews of this table, hence this thread. Has anyone compared it to a Brinkmann, or Clearaudio?
As fantastic as the Raven One is in stock form, it deserves to be tweeked out and have the best ancillary gear. Mine has a Brass armboard, sits on a Sistrum stand. I have the Phantom arm and in a few weeks a Soundsmith Strain Gage cart will be attached.