TW Acustic Turntable Mat

From Highwater Sounds Facebook page, Jeff Catalano posted a pic of the new TW Acustic turntable mat - sourced from Japan. It looks pretty substantial. I can always email Jeff on info, but hate to bother him about a turntable mat. Anyone else have any info or cost on this new mat?
I prefer no mat but since systems vary it is not surprising that some find a mat that does something they like.

Its not like anyone talking about stacking on another platter on top of the OEM platter to cover up the flaws of the original one.
6 years of formal education, 35 years design engineering, consulting, and reasearch and several systems that would shrink your ego several sizes. Meanwhile you can worship your old rig which you had no part of designing or producing. The difference between a "doer" and a passive user of other folks work, defining yourself by that which you buy, then proclaim best.
so is this the case of a competing manufacturer/designer bashing another product?
No it is not. There are ways to do things right, sometimes weveral. But it IS a case of a materials scientist, modelling, and finite element analysis guy who has worked on these problems that involve many designs in several fields. Unfortunately in audio the work on tables and mats is mostly blind experimentation. Amazingly, many say that is the best way. Well, these are simple problems compared to an aircraft or Cruise Missile or space craft. Do you think ANY of those harder problems would be best solved by the trial and error, one man's opinion approach used in audio that so many on the forum espouse? Scores and scores and scores would have been killed, and yet we NEVER would have gotten there.

You are a legend in your own mind JERK!!!!!