TW Acustic Phono Users

Do you own or have you tried the TW Acustic RPS 100 Phono?  Looking for impressions on this phono.

Hi Stickman451 - noticed no response yet to your post.  I've heard the phono stage at several shows in different systems that all sounded great.  Have one arriving in a few weeks.  If still interested let me know and I'll post impressions
Have been using TW RPS 100 for 6 months love it very musical with great stage,great midrange and wonderful bass.It is very versatile with Decca,EMI,Mercury etc curves plus many loading options.I have heard others but they do not come close in my system.This phono stage is very well made.I just made a big upgrade i have installed nos Amperex  6DJ8 and Amperex 12AX7 the sound got much better although these tubes are hard to find.A great phono stage for LP lovers like myself sold by a wonderful person Jeff Catalano of High Water sound.
Great!  Looking forward to your additional observations with continued use of the Raven Phono.

I'm curious what phonos you used prior to the Raven?  I am currently using an Audio Research Ref Phono 2se, but it has only two inputs and I have two Tables with a total of three arms.  

I like the sound of the Ref 2 overall and it is very versatile, but a third input would be nice.
Previously i had ARC SP15 preamp with updated caps etc,then i had Throess preamp with phono and last Zesto Andros PS 1.The TW RPS100 was quieter,more dynamic and had deeper stage and better bass as well as great midrange and highs.Good luck.
I highly recommend Herbies Audio Lab Ultrasonic RX9 tube dampers 1 on each tube.You will get better imaging less smearing and better over all sound.Thanks enjoy.

A couple on my list for running multiple arm/cartridges are the

Thoress Phono Enhancer MK.2


Hi - got RPS100 several months ago but was having system ground loop issues only on phono that caused analog to be unlistenable.  Replaced my power conditioner with Vibex and now able to use -- just starting to use more regularly and could not be happier.  Haven't started digging out my older vinyl and playing with the phono curves but as would be expected SQ takes a major leap forward over the solid state Ayre phono it replaced.
Tried their old one made by Thoress, if memory serves.  Is the latest TW RPS 100 phono stage any improvement?  ebm, seems to think yes.
After a couple of months can report that the TW-Acustic RPS 100 sounds wonderful and works flawlessly.  Using with the TW-A GT w/two TW-A 10.5 tonearms: Miyajima Madake Stereo (balanced) & Zero Mono (single-ended).  

Biggest issue is that the TW-A analog front end sounds so great that many CD's are now almost unlistenable.  So retracing my steps to re-acquire albums that I did have on vinyl but converted to CD due to space constraints, often at ridiculous prices.  But it's worth it.