tw acustic ac + kuzma airline

anyone using the tw acustic ac1 with the kuzma airline ? i am thinking of using this combo . would like some feedback from people who have tried or heard either unit . and what cart would be a good match ? thanks.
Thomas of TW ask him he makes table!!
Good idea, ask Thomas of TW - he will give you a totally objective recommendation. That recommendation will be based on technical aspects and prospective synergy-effects only.
thanks guys for the suggestion . i sent an email to twacustic . we shall see what the esteemed designer has to say about using an air bearing linear tracking tonearm on the raven ac . should be interesting . here is a copy of the email :

dear tw

i am asking the turntable community for opinions about the kuzma airline linear tracking tonearm . i would like to try this tonearm on the twacustc raven ac1 ( single motor ) . what is your opinion of this combination ? is the kuzma airline mounted on the raven ac1 an advantage over your own pivoting arm design ? is there any other less expensive air bearing linear tracking arm ( for example the cartridge man conductor tonearm ) that could work well on the raven ac1 ? are there advantages to using a regular pivoting arm over linear tracking arms in general ? also , is the raven ac available equipped with the raven black night triple motor as an option ? what are the suggested retail prices of the raven ac1 ( single motor ) and the raven ac with black night motor ? ( us dollars please ) do you recommend the black night motor as an upgrade for the raven ac1 ? do you manufacture a special armboard or mount for use with either the kuzma airline or the cartridge man conductor ? if i do end up using an air bearing linear tracking tonearm on the raven ac , what cartridge would you recommend ? thank you for your valuable information . if you would like to refer to an audigon thread concerning this question - here is a link :

i will also send a copy of this email to your new york rep high water sound ( mr catalano )

thank you