TW Acoustic Raven owners


I recently got my Raven AC, and I already love my new turntable. It is definitly the greatest piece of audio gear I have owned or heard so far. Lately I've seen the Raven has popped up in a lot of threads on this forum, so I thought it was time to start a dedicated thread to share experiences with the TT.

My system is: TW Raven AC/Hadcock 242 SE arm/Empire EDR.9 cart/Whest Audio Ltd PS.20 + MSU.20 phono. I will soon get a Phantom arm which I will use with a Transfiguration Temper V cartridge.

When I mounted the Hadcock/EDR.9 on the Raven AC, I was not really expecting a lot, since both the arm and cartidge are very cheap. Well, I was wrong, and once and for all understood the importance of a good deck. The music flowed from a rock solid foundation and just nailed me to the listening chair. The soundstage is very deep and wide with delicate layering. The music is seamless and totally effortless. But what impresses me most is the ability the Raven has to draw me into the music and show me the heart and soul of the performer. Just beautiful.
I can't imagine how it will sound with the Phantom/Temper in place, but I suppose it will be another step up:-)

What are you're experiences with the Raven, and what arms/carts do you use?

Theo, Copenhagen
Hey Theo,

Nice thread to start up :-) I'm looking forward to all the replies on this tread. I don't think I will be able to answer this thread in time. Need funds first.

I have a Raven AC also.

It was a tight call between the Raven and the Galibier Glavia TT. Both were very intriguing to me. What it came down to for me was: comments from others on both tables (both were excellent), location of dealer and support (edge went to Raven as the dealer-HighWater Sound was in NYC where I live), style (both were gorgeous but the Raven has a smaller footprint.

The Raven replaced my VPI Aries with a 10.5 arm and Helikon cartridge (pretty good as well). I decided to use a Tri-Planer Vll arm on the Raven after reading reviews and comments form 'gones (DougDecon and many) on the arm. My choice in cartridge was a Dynavector XV-s1.

I got it up and running (great job by Jeff at HighWater) in Feb of this year and in March I lost my stylus (cleaning lady?)....ugh.

So I have been without any analog for some time. However, the good news is that I will be up and running in a week or so (Jeff will make a quick pit stop to help this "all thumbs" installer and he may bring a surprise guest with him).

The brief comments I can make are very similar to yours. Darker background etc. and a more stable soundstage with better harmonics at all levels. The bass is solid and much more: there, focused (very), but not overpowering.

My biggest problem (not a real problem) is that I cannot identify how much of the improvement went to the table or arm or cartridge since I changed all three. I am sure all had a great factor in the conclusion.

Best of luck to you and keep us informed!

Rick (RWD)
I was wondering about you and your cartridge situation this weekend Rick. It is a shame such a nice rig has to sit idle for so long. You paid the entry fee, hope you get into the show soon.
Good idea to keep the thread in one place. Now if I can gather all my posts from other threads & put them here. Oh Well.

Let me start going down the line. My Raven AC replaced a Nottingham Hyperspace. No slouch at all. The Raven is in a nutshell, less bloated, more dynamic, and incredibly neutral. Now the Hyperspace is an incredible table so don't think it is bloated. Only in comparison to a table double the price does it show as such. Neutrality is a tough call on a turnatble. Suffice it to say, to me based on the changes to everything associated w. analogue there has been no other sound coming forth other than the accesories. This includes, the mat or no mat (I use a Living Voice Mystic, but no Mat seems just fine to me). Clamp or not. I will evaluate a few soon. Stillpoints. Well, what a pain to take them out after you put them in so no extended a/b comparison. They did improve things though and it was not subtle.

Now to the juice. I believe strongly in isolation. So all you people who want a Rockport or Caliburn, just buy a Raven & some isolation. I bet it is incredibly close. Maybe missing only the Vacuum hold down feature............Wait. I use a record outer ring when I am not lazy. And for how great it sounds, I am incredibly lazy. There are a few still available from after market suppliers. Thier descriptions say it all. Just the fear of ruining a stylus is a problem. No drinking while using the outer ring.

For tonearms, I have tried a few. SME V. Great arm. Let everyone criticize it all they want. It still is a great set & forget arm that really does fit well with many cartridges in lower price points.
Ikeda 407 12inch silver. Thanks Raul. Great arm. Especially w. Koetsu. Enough said.
Schroder SQ. Many have heard the good & bad. The good, music, images floating in air, flow etc. The bad, lacking ultimate dynamics and a pain to setup. Well, setup needs a few lessons. Once you get it down, it is no different than any other arm. This arm has my ZYX Universe. What a wonderful partnership. I originally tried a XV-1s on it but after hearing the ZYX made the switch. I still miss the XV-1s in some ways. I also put the Jade on it. More dynamics w. the Jade on the Ikeda. But wow did you feel the performers are in the room. So much body. A great experience.

The XV-1s, & ZYX did time in my SME V & Ikeda. The XV-1s never found ultimate happiness. The ZYX was very happy in the SME V but more happy much more happy in the SQ.

As for isolation, I am using a Promethean Base from Machina Dynamica. Not much money & does a wonderful job. Honestly, in my room, no listening really let me hear fully into the music until I added the isolation base.

And now I am waiting on an Phantom to mount some of these MM cartridges that once again Raul got me to try. Lets see. Cheap experiments can go far.
Hi Rick

Too bad with that stylus, hope you will be up and running soon.

Hi Dgad

Thanks for sharing your experience with the different arms and cartridges. I checked out the Machina Dynamica base. It is interesting it works for a TT, it really looks very wobbley. But it is cheap, and if it works good, that's great. Hvae you tried other isolation platforms?
As you may have noticed, I currently use an EDR.9 cartridge while I wait for my Phantom arm. Considering the price, I really think it plays very good. And I like the idea that there may be other NOS cartridges out there that will be fun to try out. May I ask what MM carts you are about to try out?


I read the other post with regards to the Raven One, and that people have notices slight differences in sound with and without the millenium mat. Do you find such differences with the Raven AC? Do you use it with or without the mat?

Just curious - David

Both Empire cartridges recommended by Raul. But honestly, I wonder when I will get a chance to listen.

I tried the Millenium. As stated by a few, it softens transient attack slightly. I have a feeling w. some cartriges it will work well.
I have had my TW Acustic Raven AC for almost a year now. I replaced an SME 30/2A. I was not really looking for a new table when I heard the TW for the first time. An audition at High Water Sound for some electronics lead to me selling the SME and ordering a TW, along with the Tron Syren. IMHO I feel without hesitation it was a bold move and something I do not regrete one bit, because I used the money from the sale of the SME help offset the cost of the TW and Tron combined.

I use a Schroder DPS arm and a Miyabi 47 cartridge. This runs into the excellent Tron Syren full function preamp. From there it goes to a pair of Lamm ML1 monoblocks to Merlin VSM-SE speakers.

I have the TW on a Minus K platform that isolates it very well and is a no maintance solution for ultimate isolation.

I use the Shun Mook Record clamp and at times the Audio Tekne weight aswell as their platter mat.

I am very happy with the sound I have now and it is the best I have had in my home. It is certainly a combination of things but the most impressive I think was the addition of the Tron Syren. The built in phonostage is simply amazing.

I feel going to the TW from the SME 30 was an improvement also. I feel as I have not given up anything sonically at all and gained in listening pleasure. I have one tonearm an the moment but will consider a second in the future.

Hi Pcosta

I think you've got a very fine system which I guess you have spent quite some time to get where you want. I would guess it sounds very delicate and musical. I have been very curious about the Tron Seven phonostage, but I suppose if you have an all analog system the best option will be an full function phono preamp if it is well made like the Syren. I read the 6moons review, and just the inside pics really tells the designer has a very high quality standard.
I find the Minus K platform very intersting. Did the Raven benefit a lot from the isolation platform?

Thanks Theo.....Jeff from HighWater Sound is coming to my home next Saturday to reinstall the cartridge. He has a surprise guest with him.....hum.....I'll keep you posted.

Yes Steve, I really had not enought time to enjoy the music when the stylus was broken. However, what little I heard was marvelous!!

Albert Portor said...the advancements in analog recently have been outstanding!!!

Rick (RWD)
Hi Rick,

I think it will be thomas from tw .

regards karl-heinz
Yes, I believe it is.
Last Saturday (June 23) I spent one of the most enjoyable days of my audiophile life and I actually didn't listen to music all that much that day!
The occasion was the re-set up of my re-tipped dynavector XV-1S cartridge on my Tri-Planer/ Raven A.C. TT.
The centerpiece of the event was this set up was done by Thomas Woschnik, the designer, manufacturer and brainchild behind the Raven A.C.

What a truly wonderful meeting we had. Thomas was joined by Jeff Catalano who is the U.S. distributor of the TT (and other HIgh end gear((High-Water Sound)).
Thomas, I must say is a quiet humble man. When I say humble I suppose I also mean truthful.
When I met him I said to him how happy I am to have his table as it has improved the sound of my system (although I only had it a month before my stylus was lost). He said to me ...."yes it is a good table, like other tables that are good as well". Now when was the last time we heard that? It was refreshing!! I might also add......Thomas' TT is good....very, very good!!

After some cups of espresso and small chat, Thomas went to work....( pictures to be posted later). Before the last sip of my first cup of espresso, Thomas was done! He installed his new communications chip in his power supply and then explained to me that advantage of his [partial rubber belt. It was interesting to hear straight form the actual designer and creator of this fine product.

And so Thomas, Jeff and I listened. We listened and enjoyed.

A personal note of thanks to Jeff for being a good audio buddy (note, I didn't say salesman) and to Thomas for also being a good audio buddy and wonderful engineer.

P.S. Got my cartridge and arm/TT now...and wouldn't you know of my emim's on my RS 1-B blew!!!!
Hi Rwd

Well that was a nice hifi-tale. You are a very lucky guy:-) Hope he takes a trip to Denmark also;-)

Hi guys. Got my Raven AC 2+ months ago. Happy with the turntable. Just as I reached my 200 hrs, the motor started to give me some problem- loud clicking noise emitted from the motor. Told my dealer abt it few days ago. Still waiting for reply. Anyone with such problem? I m surprise it happen to a 1st class product. Anyway, Happy listening to you who is still able to listen to your vinyl
Too soon to tell on mine but it's been DEAD silent.


I have reached about 75 hours I think, and no problems. Hope everything works out fast so you can enjoy your TT. I'm looking forward to be hearing what is wrong with your motor and how it will be fixed.

Hi guys. Posting this message earlier but somehow didnt get posting by moderator. I wish to make a clarification about my posting yesterday when I wrote that I have a problem with the Raven AC turntable motor. Basically I m very happy with this turntable. I have been sourcing for turntable for more than a year before I settled on Raven AC and waited 5-6mths for it. To me it is the most value for money turntable among the high end turntable. In fact there is a very interesting forum at audioexotics from HK about Raven AC. My posting is just to check whether anybody has any problem with their motor. Anyway I hope my motor problem is only a 1 off thing by the manufacturer. After all we can expect perfection from the manufacturer. Happy listening
There was a new motor controller provided free of charge. It was basically an update. Not sure when it was released. I do know Thomas was providing them via the dealers to people. Jeff in the US was taking care of his US customers. It is a simple swap of a small chip in the power supply. Both Thomas and Jeff are two of the most attentive people to customer needs.

I will add for anyone who hasn't tried it, behind the turntable on the Raven AC just under the platter on the aluminum part is a screw. I attached a grounding cable from ground directly to the turntable. This is due to excess static that is in my environment. It made a huge difference. Most people don't know that the turntable itself benefits from grounding.


As I understand you are not in the US?
I meant we cant expect perfection from the manufacturer.
Thomas has emailed me and I m sure it will be sort out soon. Unfortunately have not heard from dealer after 6days.

Nice to hear Thomas is taking care of business:-)

Interesting about the grounding Dgad. I have some hum, so I will try it out.


well I received the motor upgrade as chip replacement.
The swap of this chip is really easy.

regard kha
I had my chip swapped also when Thomas and Jeff were here. Believe it or not, I seem to have heard the difference? Can't listen to music of my emim's on my Infinity's blew. But it will be replaced tomorrow.

Dgad, Thomas and Jeff never suggested the ground option. I guess cause my TT/motor are dead silent?

Rick (RWD)
Hi guys. Problem solved after emailed from Thomas. It seems that Thomas is not aware of the problem and he immediately emailed me on learning about my small problem. The problem is due to the pulley rubbing on the motor case resulting in the screeching problem. All I did is to lift the pulley very slight and tighten the screw on the pulley with an allen key so that it doesnt touch the motor case. Now back to vinyl music.
Hi Jeff, Dgad tq for your concern. Now will wait for the chip replacement to hear the difference.
Happy listening
Hi Guys. Communicated with Thomas.Seems dealer didnt alert him to the problem. Now problem solved. The pulley of the motor was rubbing against the casing of the motor resulting in a screeching sound. All I need to do is to tighten the tiny screw in the pulley so that it doesnt sit on the casing of the motor. Now I can enjoy my music.
Dgad and Thomas. Wouldnt it be nice if all owners are like Thomas? Attentive and fast in handling issues? tq
Hi guys, this is my 3rd attempt at posting a response to my minor problem. After communicating with Thomas who mentioned that he did not receive an complain abt my problem, I realised the screeching sound is due to the pulley rubbing again the motor casing. All I did was to lift the pulley slightly up and tighten a screw on the pulley with a allen key and viola, I m back in business listening to this pleasurable turntable
Jeff and Dgad, tq for your concern. Everything is back in order. Happy listening everybody
I am also considering the TW Raven AC and thought this would be a good place to ask this question. I am going from a Basis
2500/Vector 3 and obviously am looking for an upgrade as we
all are when we open our pocketbooks.

The first table in the 10-13K price range that came to my mind
mind was the Brinkman Balance. Just wondering if any owners
of the Raven considered the Brinkman as well. Anyone with
other top caliber tables such as Teres or Galibier , please chime in here as well.
You are talking about swapping chip !!.. ......I would like to have a question about the chip.

I received Raven AC around Jun 15, 2007 (couple months ago). Does my Raven AC has an update chip in it ? or How do I know what chip in my Raven AC ? Thanks a lot.
Yes Henry. There is an updated chip in the power unit of the table. Get in touch with your dealer and he/she will assist you from there. If you purchased it from HighWater Stereo (Jeff) he is on top of this!!

P.S. Hi All....I got my emim fixed and then(believe it or not) one of my ASL Hurricanes went down. In the repair shop it went. Still without music!!!! OH MY!


I received my chip several months before you received your turntable. You have the latest chip 99%.
Hi Rick and Dgad,

It is great to hear that, So I don't have to worry about the chip anymore and just enjoy the music. Thanks a lot.
When Thomas was in NY he had the chips with him and was going to get them to the peopIe that needed them. (my table was new and didnt need the upgrade) WHat service to get a personal visit from him and Jeff Catalano and get an adjustement!!!!

I just have the lowly budget model Raven One that is hardly worth mentioning compared to the all out Raven's but I recently had some upgrades which have really let me hear what this table is doing. The Tron Seven phono stage really has made this table sing, as well as the Sistrum stand and H-cat pre.

The Raven is now the centerpiece of my system, and though other upgrades are happening at perhaps too great a pace, this table will stay for a very long time, and really allows the high level of playback fidelity to happen.

Don't flame me but I really feel sorry for people spending uber amounts of time and money assembling systems with what I recognize now as sub optimal front ends, both LP and CD. I'm not saying the Raven's are the end all and be all, but after hearing for myself what a truly first class source sounds like in my own system, (and I dont think redbook digital qualifies)
I would make it a priory among all others to get this level of source in a system before upgrading anything else. It has truly turned almost all my LP's into "audiophile" LP's, and that is no small task.
Hi Emailists

I feel exactly the same way as you about my Raven. What arm an cartridge are you using?

Fresh, I am using the Phantom arm and the Sumiko Celebration cart.
Emailed Thomas of TW acustics. The new chip was available since June. 07. Happy listening
Anyone with updates? Any new arms, cartridges?
I just got a new Dynavector XV-1s for my rig. Sounds great. The Miyabi will be going to Japan for a retip soon.

I am thinking of the new Ortofon 309s for a long arm, further down the road for perhaps mono, anyone heard them?

Jeff from High Water Sound and Thomas from TW Acustic say they are fantastic for the money.

I still need to hear the Phantom on the TW.
Well just an my Raven AC in month later lost my stylus on my new Dynavector XV-1S (cleaning lady?). waited for the retooled cartridge to come back from Dynavector. Then when it did I had Jeff and Thomas visit and set it all up. That was...June?? One week of my emim speakers units i my Infinity RS-1B went down. Waited two weeks for the replacement. Got it. One week of my Hurricane amps went down. One month later repaired. When it went into the system...guess what....other amp went. Now I am waiting to get the 2nd amp back for the repair shop. Long and short...I have not put in more then 20 hours on my system since March. I suspect the Raven/Tri-Planer/Dyna xv1s is great....but waiting to listen. Oh the labors we go through for our hobby and love of music. Thank God the Philharmonic season is back in swing!!

RWD (Rick)
What is the current SRP of TW Acustic's Raven One now? Thanks!
I think The Raven One is $5000 US if that is what you are asking. The price went up $500 becuase I think neither the manuf, disributor or dealers were making much on the table. If I had to guess I would say they all wanted to get a world class table table into the hands of working people (like myself) and broke the traditional markups to make this happen, and make it up on volume and good Karma. Luckily I got mine before the price increase - I just bought it on faith without even hearing it - though I did see it first and heard the Raven AC.

So even this $500 increase more than likely doesn't even bring it back up to what it should cost in the normal markeup of most equipment.

If you can afford the table and can pair it with one of the top arms, you will have a world class analog playback. Even if you have to get a cheap cart (or even the bundled arm they can package with the table) you can always upgrade those later at funds allow.
Thanks Emailists. I just wanted to confirm the price since I have read that it is likely to increase soon. So I suppose the price is still the same as indicated in the Stereomojo review. Thanks!
I believe the price is now $6,200. This was scratched on my
calender from a recent conversation w/ Jeff Catalano. This
would bring it in at around the price of a Basis 2500.FWIW,
I believe the AC is at $11,500. Probobly right around the
price of (yep), a Debut.
Hi Raven AC owners. Anyone change the stock power cord to the power supply? If yes, what PC are you using and what do you like about it? Wondering why should it make a difference at all. After all its job is just to powered the motor so that the speed remain constant, am I right? Your response is much appreciated. Happy listening

I have a response which will confuse you. My cousin use a Walker Motor controller to his Simon Yorke table. He uses a high end power cord from the Walker Motor Drive to his motor finding it improved the sound significantly. We feel it has to do with sheilding the power from the turntable and how it interacts with other equipment. I am using a Kimber cord from my EMM w. my TW and using an Elrod w. my EMM. I never really tested.
Tried asking Thomas of Raven AC but the answer I got was ambigious. Anyway Jeff Catalano told me Thomas used WSS PC fr Germany ( goggled but cant find the PC) and he uses Harmonix X-DC studio to good effect. Other than what Dgad mentioned I m just curious why PC of power supply affects the sound of the Raven, Happy listening