TW AC1 Raven speed control unit and static

I have the original TW Raven AC1. It has the original control unit (not the unit provided with the AC3).
Occasionally when static builds up in the room and around my TT the TW AC1 with shut down. I then have to shut off the control unit and then wait a minute and restart.
I heard the newer control unit does not have this problem and is more stable with static.
P.S. My TT is grounded.

Anyone else have this problem and is the solution to get the newer control unit?

Rick (RWD)
Rick, have you contacted Jeff at High Water Sound about your problem? He should be able to brainstorm with Tom for a solution.
I have contacted Jeff. He suggested I use the newer control unit. I am just curious if anyone else had this problem with either the older or newer units.

Thanks for the comments
Hi Rick,

when I got my Raven AC three years ago it came with the first version of the motor control.
Although I never had the problems you're reporting, after a year of ownership my dealer said to me that static problems could occur with the original controller chip. TW was aware of that and provided a new chip without flaws.
For being save, I got a new chip from my dealer. It was plain service.

Ask HWS for that chip. Or request TW directly. You can change the part yourself within some minutes.

On the other hand: if you want to test two or three motors, go for the new controller unit.
Holy the rescue and so fast!

This afternoon after I called Jeff he got in touch with Thomas W. the designer of my TT!!! They we're both anxious to get a solution to my situation but more importantly to solve it asap. So Jeff offered to me a free replacement (same model) control unit to get me up and running (it's the 45rpm that does not work properly....the 33 1/3 is mark on).

Both Jeff and Thomas report that there have been no other reports of similar situations from other owners of the AC-AC3 or Raven 1 customers so something in or around my electronics just reacts to static in a weird way.

I plan to take Jeff's great offer and get the replacement unit. I also plan on getting the newer control unit since I have heard some sparking reports about it!

Great support from Jeff and Thomas!!!!
The service of TW is world class. No doubt.
Just a final update. I picked up a replacement control unit for my Raven AC1 and it works just fine. I even learned how to fine tune the speed controls. And if I had tried that (speed control) sooner, then all this would have never been an issue. You see, when the static charge affected the control unit it only put the 45 speed back to 33 1/3. The unit was never damaged or defective!!! It just needed to have the speed (on the 45rpm) re-set!!!
Boy am I embarrassed. But also grateful to Jeff for the new unit.

P.S. I probably will be getting the newer control unit is a month or so and I will pass along my comments.

P.P.S. I saw (did not hear) the new TW 10.5 arm. Boy, if it sounds like it looks (sleek, stylish, solid) then Thomas has a work of art and Jeff is going to sell quite a thinks!!
World class service i have RAVEN AC With BLACK NIGHT BATTERY POWER SUPPLY, BLACK NIGHT FEET AND BLACK NIGHT VTA ARMBOARD. Talk about world class service Thomas anf Jeff set up my BLACK NIGHT UPGRADES they made a wonderful sounding table even better quieter more dynamic better bass detail etc. wonderful service to be sure.