TV to Receiver cables

Finally picked up big screen (Sony Bravia 46" LCD). I still have my Marantz SR-18 5.1 avr.....oldie but goodie. I have my Digital cable box and my DVD player plugged into TV via HDMI cables. My Marantz however will need to plug in (L/R audio) using RCA type cables.

I would like some suggestions on some good quality cables for this hook-up. I will need about a 6 ft length. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I would not go crazy here, after all it is coming out of a TV.
I think Acoustic Research makes great cables cheap for this kind of application. Highly Rated and available at Best Buy stores.
Audio Art cables would do fine.

I am curious about one thing here... Why? Why connect from the TV to the receiver? Why not just run coax or optical lines from the cable box and DVD player to the Marantz instead?

Does the Marantz not have any digital audio inputs? Most 5.1 receivers came with at least optical inputs. if not, again... Audio Art is used in my HT system from receiver to amp (s). For the money, they are hard to beat, around a $100 or so new.

Good luck.
Freddy50, are you using the internal speakers of the Sony? Just trying to understand why planning to connect the Marantz to the Sony, given that your sources are connected via HDMI.
Check out this thread.

Don't spend big bucks on HDMI. I went for Blue Jean cable, quick delivery.
Ok, I admit I don't really know what i'm doing. Why connect the Marantz to the Sony?... Because that's the only way I considered. And yes, I only plan on using the internal Sony speakers for normal TV after work, favorite evening tv show, etc. If good movie comes on i'll fire up the HT. Yes, I do believe the Marantz has an optical jack on the back...I just don't know what to do with it. I'm a babe in thr woods on this HT stuff.
Ok… fire it all up and/or fire up only the TV for utility purposes… news… weather… etc.
You’re good to go with half of it now…. Cable box + TV via HDMI.

Then multiple connections are the ticket.

Let’s get the audio into the Marantz so it’s mo’ betta.

Running audio cables from the TV to the rec would be redundant… and you’ll wind up with significant lip sync issues too due to the added delay in the audio stream being amplified further downstream..

Most disc players and cable boxes run all their outputs hot. Meaning you can connect off any or all of them.. try your’s and see.

If you have one optical input on the rec I’d bet you have one coax too. It’ll be right near the optical one. If there are one of each or two of one sort… you’re in. Only a optical cable or two, or a coax cable are then needed. $15-30 at Walmart.

If only one… ya gotta make a choice as to which source you want multi ch audio… and/or the more involving experience. Likely the BR player. Then you’ll need to go with as many RCA cables as you have speakers and use the 5.1 analong inputs on the receiver to hook them to. This last bit may also require you to get into the config menu on the BR player to select which output to use when needed (unless as I said, they’re all hot all the time), HDMI or analog.

That ought to do it… and natch’ maybe some more config in the Marantz rec to accomplish it.

Good luck
Wow, Lot's of good info Blind....thank's much. I will get into all of it this weekend. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.