tv stand for pass labs amp?

I'm looking for a stand (up to ~65 inches wide) for my TV that will also fit my Pass Labs x250.5, center channel speaker, and other components (surround processor, power conditioner, etc).

I can find a large stand for the tv and everything but the Pass amp just fine. The problem is finding something that will hold something as large and heavy as the x250.5 (and not melt down) while still having a spot for the center channel speaker (7.5 inches high, 17.5 inches wide).

Any suggestions? Not looking to spend a fortune here, so don't go recommending something that costs 3 grand :)

floor is best. forget the stand.
I can't put the tv on the floor. I need something that the tv can go on and everything, including the Pass, can fit under
I'm not sure you're going to find what you're looking for for less than $2500. That's a lot of gear and you need something that's going to last. The Billy Bags Pro 68 would work perfect for your scenario but it costs just about what you're not willing to spend.

I'm in a similar situation where I want a new 3 shelf stand for my gear. Good ones cost a fortune. I'll probably just keep what I have until I win the Power Ball.
Actually a Salamander Synergy without the sides and doors might do the trick. No sides and doors will allow for a lot more ventilation and also cuts about 500 bucks off the price
Check out cymax,they have huge amount of stands and racks you can look at.
Depending on how many shelves you need, a Salamander Archetype might work. I'm using one now with my 250.5 on the bottom shelf. If your tv isn't too big it might work. I had a 46" LCD on the top shelf until I wall mounted it and put my turntable in it's place. I think the Archetype is rated to hold 250 lbs.
Whatever your budget is, I'm sure you can get one custom made by a local woodshop.
Get in touch with Steve Blinn -- ads here on A'Gon. Complete custom designs to fit your needs, reliable, reasonable. No, I'm not affiliated with him; just a satisfied customer. (BTW, I just picked up an X250.5. Yikes, nice amp indeed.)
You can make you own for a lot less with 80/20 aluminum and some maple chop blocks. fully adjustable. Check my system for a pic.

there are several guys out there who build custom racks. This is the approach I would take (if I were you).
I also recommend going custom. The cabinet in my secondary system was built by a local woodmaker to my specs for under a grand.
goign with the Salamander Synergy triple 20 base with no sides or doors to help with ventilation. Hopefully it'll fit everything
the synergy triple 20 fit perfectly
It will not perform (vibration and/or isolation) as well as a Steve Blinn but it probably cost less.