Tv set up with amp, dvd player in remote location?


I have a new Pioneer 43" plasma tv. I would like to have the amp, etc in a remote location. How is the done?

If you are only feeding video and center channel info then simply get a long video run of cable and get a long wire for your center channel and your all set.
When you say amp I assume you mean receiver. When you say remote location I assume you mean a place that IR signals will not reach unassisted. This can be a very big can of worms. Speaker level, line level, video, CAT-5 wires to be run here there and yonder. Hiding equipment can be a daunting task if you are not comfortable cutting holes in your walls (without hitting electrical or plumbing), drilling big holes in floor, crawling under the house, etc.

You will likely need:
IR repeater
CAT-5 to extend the repeater
lots of coax for video and the ability to terminate it
wall plates and associated hardware insterts (like Niles)
old work boxes
keyhole saw
big drill
marriage counsouler
three days vacation time that could be spent doing most anything else happily

There are lots of wires that have to bridge the gap between tv and receiver. Most people want signals to go both ways so that they can use the tv speakers for news or whatever. This means more wires still. A full-function bridge of wires between the two would consist of 10 coax cables (3 for component video, two for stereo audio, one for composite video, two for s-video, one to feed tv tuner from antenna, one for coax digital audio) and one run of CAT-5. This can be simplified depending on the capabilities you want or the limitations of your equipment.

Good luck!
I may be wrong , but I didnt get the impression he wanted all that, I thought maybe system off on the side in the same room,,,more info needed I guess

thanks for the info. I have a closet right behind where the tv will go. I also have a plug in & cable on the tv wall. This set up would make things a lot easier?

Yes that will make it easier. Lots of cables will still be needed though unless you are going to use the tuner built into the tv and not connect DVD, VCR, Cable box or audio. A single gang 8 hole wall plate can accomodate the connctions for cable/ant, one component video, composite video, L/R audio and IR repeater. I would recomend a harwired IR repeater like the Xantech Hidden Link Kit. This is more reliable than the wireless (though wireless would work well for you here I'm sure) and the kit is a great deal considering the price of all the seprate parts it is composed of.

Good luck!