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Looking to set up a movie scan dvd and Rear projection wide screen TV. Been into audio for quite awhile, but I don't know jack about video.

Total Budget is $2500 (or less)

For DVD I'm fairly set on the Denon - DVM-2815, seems to have what I want. (coax digital out at least so I can send it to my DAC)

That leaves around $2000 for the TV.

Not interested in HD cable or over air HDTV, so I think that means I don't need certain resolutions and features.

Size: At least 40"

Only other issue is thinner is better, don't need a wall hanger but under 20" deep would be nice.

What should I be looking at?

What would you buy???

Even a link to a site that reviews TVs would be useful. Compared to Audio the video world is nuts (and that says something). Seems to me there are whole new model lines every two months.

Nik- I would recommend that you go for an HD model, if you don't, in a few years you will need a set top box cause all of the TV will be digital. HD RPTVs other than LCD and DLP should come in right about at your budget. Last time I looked, I saw a Mitsi RPTV, about 40 or 50" for about $1800. Course its not 20" deep, for that you will need DLP or LCD at about $2500-$3500.
I would get both a TV and a projector. Spend about 500 for a nice 27 or 32 inch direct view CRT, then spend the balance on a $1k digital projector, screen, and cables. Check out the sub-$3500 digital projector forum at AVS. I would do that and skip the RPTV. My $0.02.
Go to to peruse reviews on both audio and video equipment. Type in the model # in the search and you're good to go.

I would get a used Denon DVD player with Progressive Scan (maybe the 2800 MK II) -- they almost all use the Silicon Image chip that usually puts them at the top of the list at dvd shootout.

Believe it or not, I went to a local Sears scratch and dent store and purchased a Hitachi 57 HDTV for $1500 (retail $3500) Perfect Vision rated it extremely high and I even called the PV reviewer to ask questions and he said he bought the same model.

I would definitely get a HDTV for the reasons mentioned above.

Best of luck
For dvd's, a 16.9 screen is a must..that means Hi-Def is a must. If this is just going to be a dvd player and RPTV then it should be very easy for you. Pick a company that has a good service record for their products. After that, go to the usual suspects (circut city, best buy, ect) and pick a RPTV that fits the bill.

On the other hand, if your looking to setup a hometheater's a whole nother ball game. Sounds like your more interested in option number one and many RPTV's will work just fine. Try the web sit for user opinions on many RPTV's.

Thanks Guys....Always helpful people here.

I guess I was thinking of a Higher Def tv, just that I don't need the highest resolutions (1080I) to save money.

Isn't Progressive DVD just 480P??

Anyone else favor the digital projector idea?

Hadn't thought of that, $1500 projector $500 screen and cables??

I've got both, My 55" HD-TV is in one room and my projector is in another. I didn't mention a projector in my above post because it did not sound like something you were thinking about.

My RPTV has a dvd player hooked to it but is used for general use (mostly TV viewing) and is in 12X18 living room. I would not use a projector in this non-dedicated general purpose room.

My projector is dedicated to dvd movies and a few Hi-Def sports so is not the problem it would be in the other much smaller room. It is a bang for buck projector (Infocus X-1) and does not get anyway near the use that the RPTV gets..I like it that way and planed it that way as I use my large room for music.

As far as a comparison between the two for movies, it's no contest..the projector blows the RPTV out of the water at less than half the cost but is not as easy to use and setup for all family members. Once you've watched a block-buster movie on a 80-120 inch screen in the privacy of your own home..their's no going back to a little RPTV, and they will seem little from that point on.

If you click on my system you can see some pictures of my yet to be finished room. The screen on the wall is not my real screen..I made this one for $40 as a test screen. I also do not yet have my projector hung from the ceiling yet but do have all electrical run for the ceiling mount. I should clear and finish the room soon.

Nice set up Dave!

General TV viewing is just bad for me, in fact I haven't owned a TV for 4 years. I do really like watching movies at home and am tired of using the computer.

Actually I just thought that projectors were too expensive, didn't know you could get them for $1k. The Infocus X-1 is really interesting.

How does it connect to the DVD? Some sort of componet to VGA converter box?

To use it for TV I assume you need a tuner?

Thanks again.


Can I suggest a Panasonic PT-47WX453??? It is a 47" 16:9 High Definition Ready RPTV. Has DVI as well as component video inputs. And it should be about 18" deep (not real thin, but not terribly bulky either.......... considering the screen size).

Price: $1,400.00 plus shipping at your local Best Buy (be sure to inquire about extended warranties and return (and exchange) privliges just in case things don't go as smoothly as planned).

After your new set arrives, get it calibrated for about $250.00 (could be less than that........ I'm just "guestimating"), and then invest in the newly "Joe Kane" produced "Digital Video Essentials" for about $25.00 and you should be set.

Good Luck shopping for your new set..........

FWIW, Consumer Reports March 2004 issue (my dad received it in the mail today) has all the different types of TVs (plasma, lcd, rear projection, crt; HD and std.), and their pro and cons, also rated some model numbers in their respected catagories.
Can't hurt to look.
Good luck also.

The Infocus X1 along with a few other models are great projectors for people with limited me. While these bang for buck units don't display the number of lines that the higher priced models do, they still look outstanding with DVD's and can do a nice job with Hi-Def TV as well.

Like you, I am not big on watching TV. My wife watches a little..but not a lot. We both enjoy watching a good movie though so the X1 has more than filled the bill for us.

I don't want to steer you towards the X1 because there are other projectors that may better fit YOUR needs. I will answer any questions you might have about the X1 if I can though.

To answer your above questions:

1. It can connect to your DVD player in several ways, Component-S Video (this uses standard component cable at the Dvd player and $25 S-Video adaptor cable at the projector input). This is for interlaced video..the X1 has a great line doubler built-in.

2. For progressive scan video display, (component video cable with a computer type DB-15 connector on the projector end), my 45' cable cost around $60 but shorter cable is much cheaper. You do not need any type of converter box. You can also hook your computer to the X1 and use your computer as your DVD player if you wanted (needed) to. The X1 also has an DB-15 output in case you wanted to connect to your computer screen as a second display.

To use a TV with the X1 you would need a tuner, I have a Comcast HD-tuner. You could use even the built in tuner in a VCR.

Best Buy and Circut City sell the Infocus X1, you could take one home for a try. You would need to first buy the correct cable for your needs..mine did not come with cables that I spoke of above. (comes with the cheap little yellow cable). Not the best picture quality to test with.

You will not need to hook-up sound or use a screen to test the unit, any white (or light color) wall will work and give a fantastic picture. You will need a somewhat dark room and bright sunlite will wash out the picture. You could set your computer to 800X600 and test picture quality with it's DB-15 cable, you will need to set both for a 16.9 picture display or your picture will be 4.3 I would guess.

Hope this helps a little,
Thanks for the info Dave.


Go peruse The regulars there are as hardcore about video as most of us are about audio & music.