TV only recommendation

Viewing room is large at 19' x 22'. From viewing position, 19' wall is on right, all glass, view of the bay (so it isn't going to get blacked out while watching). Viewing position is 5 feet off glass wall and 5 feet from wall behind, meaning distance to screen is 14 feet.

Screen will probably be wall mounted. How high off the floor should it be?

Content is sports, movies and sitcoms. Use is 1 to 2 hours a night, more on weekends.

Would like Wireless Internet features, such as Pandora and Netflix. See no need for 3d, unless that's the only way to get the rest of the set.

Please make a recommendation for a TV with a budget of $1000 - $2500. Will not be adding sound at this time, but would like to keep audio options open.
You can find a good range of Panasonic Plasmas in the price range you mention. I think the 55" 3D is 2500.oo
it depends on how big and features. The lower end Panasonic is 55" for 1500.oo IF you want plasma. If you want LED/LCD/DLP you have many to choose from in that price range.
Check The forum posters know a lot of the issues between models; each brand has their quirks. There are also calculators for screen size versus viewing distance on various sites. Last year I purchase a 58" Samsung 6500 plasma. From 17' that size is good but could have done 63". Generally I think it is better to error on the larger size. Mounting height imo, should have the center of the television at the level of one's eyes or so. People who wall mount always do it too high. I don't know why they want to look up all the time.

It is best to look at the different types of televisions (LCD, LED, plasma, even rear projection) to see which looks best to you, and that will narrow the pack. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all types have improved to mitigate their respective drawbacks. Internet features are more standard these days, so I don't think that is going to be an issue. Good luck.
Imo you will get the best picture quality from a plasma. In the past few months I have tried a few LCDs. I am in the midst of trying to settle on a plasma TV after trying a Panasonic. Next, I am trying a Samsung plasma since I liked but was not completely sold on Panasonic. Panasonic and Samsung are the leaders in plasma with LG third.. Their higher end tvs all have internet apps too. LCD and LED will provide you a very sharp and accurate hi-def picture, but for me have an unnatural look particularly when watching major motion pictures (movies). LCD/LED tv's will take movies that were shot on very expensive high end cameras and reduce that look of movie quality down to a video camera appearance with a "movie set" appearance. This look is what is known as "the soap opera affect." For me with an LCD tv, movies don't look like the movies I see in the theater, but more like a soap opera or a home video. Some people however like the "soap opera affect." Just not me. My advice: if you want a movie to look like a movie, then get a plasma TV. But who knows, you may like LCD's or LED's better. As was suggested, you can find out information about TV's at Caveat: Be warned, however that plasma technology still hasn't been perfected, is flawed, and each of the major brands have their flaws. But LCD and LED technology is also flawed.(example: "soap opera affect") Even with their flaws imo the highest picture quality for naturalness and color will still be from a plasma. Also, be warned, the TVs displayed in the big box stores with their bright lighting all run on the same video loops and this is not a good way to judge a TV's true performance, especially on movies. Good luck.
Sony will soon be coming out with an LCD using nano technology. It makes current Plasma and LCD's look poor in comparison.
I'll be very interested in this new nano technology TV from Sony; it is called OLED, I believe. Rest assured there will be flaws with this new nano technology, and these TV's will be the most expensive sets on the market (like LED's now). So buyers of this technology will pay top dollar or wait a year or two for the price to come down.
Unless you have a tilt mount, for the ideal viewing angle, TV should be mounted such that the center of the screen is at the eye level.
I had a 42' panasonic pro plasma years ago when I entered the flat screen arena. It was a 720p model and I could see every difference in the video quality as I upped the quality of the source (bluray) switching from analog component to HDMI connections proved an amazing leap in resolution definition quality. Basic of this story is that I sold it and went to a top flight Sony XBR LCD so that I could use it as a multi purpose display (computer i'm currently on) It works well for me and allows gadzooks of setup adjustment.

If your sensitive and want the best (most natural/realistic) picture then go with the plasma screen. I enjoy well recorded music as much as a great films released by the criterion collection and am scoping out a prospective 65" plasma for the love of cinema as told by the director. I know I sound geeky but I work as a broadcast video professional and look at this stuff alot.
Good luck with your search
The best image comes from plasma. If you can find a Pioneer Elite Kuro model, (Pioneer stopped making them at the end of 2009 because they couldn't sell them for what they cost to build and make enough profit), you will be happiest. They were the reference screen.
At 19' viewing distance you need size more than anything, Sharps 70' LCD is a nice TV and can be had for $2500. FWIW the minimum recommended size for a 12' viewing distance is 70" so for 19' it would be closer to 100"

Go big!
Viewing position is 5 feet off glass wall and 5 feet from wall behind, meaning distance to screen is 14 feet.

Agree with Kennyt. At a distance of 14ft bigger is definietly better. You should go as large as you can in your price range.

In your price range consider these plasma tv's at Amazon:
(Amazon has 30 day return -free shipping)

Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST30 60-Inch
Samsung PN59D6500 59-Inch

Let us know what you get and how you like it.
Agree with Kennyt and Foster. When it comes to HDTV, size does matter - the bigger the better.
The Mitsubishi large-screen DLPs (60", 65", 73", 82") are available for *very* good prices. And their picture quality is stunning. The 73" model is going for about $1300 at BestBuy right now...

Sony has been working on OLED for about 10 years now and have released a few small screens that are expensive for the size. But from what I have seen they will be as close to a direct view as any. I would say the plasma/OLED comparison will be out weighed by the cost factor, unless Sony suprises everyone with a 2000-3000 dollar 46". But it should be a great new screen, I think my next TV will be a plasma mainley due to expense. I currently have Pioneer Elite and my only complaint is the noise of the screen vibrating. I have been told this is normal due to the single pane of glass. Has anyone experienced this buzzing from a Panasonic?
I did not experience any buzzing with the 2011 Panasonic plasmas I've had.
When I walked past what seemed to be a 60" Pioneer Elite Kuro in the local dealer's showroom, I was struck by how suitable it would be for those holiday videos of yule logs burning. It put out enough heat to make a fire seem real. That and energy consumption may be considerations in a decision about whether to go with large screen plasma.

I agree that the bigger the better when it comes to HT televisions.

I sit about 14 feet from my screen, (a 58" Panasonic plasma), and while it looks great, it is difficult to really get a sense of what the 1080P image is really like from that distance, as the DPI is so small.
(However, when I lay on the floor to watch TV, (a habit from my youth!), I am about 8 feet away from the screen, so I can see that the 1080P really does look significantly better than the regular 480P does.

I recommend that you get a screen whose diagonal measurement is half of the distance from your sitting position. (i.e. in your case, sitting 14 feet away, means a 84 inch, (7 feet), diagonal screen.)

My two cents worth anyway.
Good Luck in your search.

PS A plasma, or a projector, is what I would recommend for the type of TV, for the best picture quality, (although a projector needs a really dark room).
We're redoing our HT right at the moment and our new TV will be installed at the end of August...After a bit of looking around we settled on a Panasonic Viera VT30 65"...We've had our 60" Sony LCD since 2/2005 so it's getting time to upgrade...
Theo, I have a Kuro Elite FD151 with no noise whatsoever.
After reading all your responses and doing more research, I bought the Sharp 70" recommended by Unsound. Got a very good deal at HHGregg.

Now I need advice on sources and audio. One source will be Atlantic Broadband HD cable, as they are embedded in our condo building. Another will be streaming (wireless or wired, depending on whether we drop AT&T as our Internet and phone carrier and go with an Atlantic Broadband package. Has to do with where phone jacks are located in the condo A third source could be a Bluray player for our existing older DVD collection.

For audio, not sure if a Home Theater in a Box offering like the Panasonic SBTT770 is the way to go, or if an AV receiver is preferable.

Remaining budget is about $2000 (total of $5000), but don't feel the need to spend it all now.
Oppo 93 should definitely be one of the source components to consider.