TV hard wired power cable

I just recently added PS audio power conditioning to my system. I have the UPC-200 powering a P-300 wich powers my source equip.The other zone of my UPC-200 powering my 60" LCD Sony TV. PS audio exstream + power cables being used also. Would it be worth upgrading my hard wired power cable to my TV with a PS audio exstream + cable also. I am reluctant to do so for the fact of having to open up the TV and cut wires and what not. Would there be a BIG difference in picture to be worth doing this and if so any helpful hints would be appreciated. TIA.
easy way to experiment: cut off the existing cord within 6" of the chassis. Solder on an IEC male at that point so you can experiment with upgrade cords. If it works out, you can then make the installation more premanent if desired. Otherwise you can easily solder-splice the original cord back into place.