TV gives me a headache when its on; any suggestions?

i'd like to have shows on in the background, but i find if the bugger is playing, my playback suffers (stage compression by way of higher noise floor) and i get a headache.

apartment dweller, btw. 

I went to the Doctor and told him it hurts when I do this, Doctor replied THEN DON'T DO IT
I only use my TV to play movies. The rest of the time I am enjoying music on my stereo. Why invest all of this money in audiophile caliber equipment if you are only going to watch TV in your spare time? The common definition for insanity is doing the same action over and over expecting a different result. Break the cycle and save a ton of money on your cable TV bill, money you could put back into your system.
95% of the time i watch tv its for sports and i dont need sound for that...ergo the tv & stereo at the same time.

IME of late, moving the TV et al to a diff circuit breaker has made a startling improvement. YMMV
I said, Doc, my ears ache when I watch TV. The Doc said you’re overly sensitive to rf. I said, I want a second opinion. He said, OK, you’re ugly, too. 
When I first bought a DLP Projector 20 years ago I plugged it in and the image drove me crazy. I could see the phase and I was so disappointed. I then realized the stereo was doing the same thing from the projector interference and eventually figured out it was a dirty power issue. This was my first foray into power conditioning and I bought a $200 Monster Power Center, which was big $$$ back then for me (yes I know branding and such, hadn’t found this site yet.) The image, colors, and sound never looked so good once it was in use and I had no more headache. If you are running your display on separate conditioned circuits change the refresh rate, you may also be seeing a discrepancy from the cable and the display’s rate. I suspect the display may not be synchronized with the output. You can force the two to be the same and that will give you the best results most of the time. Also I recommend turning down the brightness, they tend to be way too bright on the settings from the store. 

While my Sundays are spent playing Audio all day. I love watching movies and shows at night. They both have a place, we are in the golden age of TV. There is a lot of great entertainment out there. Currently watching Altered Carbon on Netflix in HD with HDR. Awesome cinematography, plot, and I’m completely outdone that this level of quality is being produced in a subscription based service. 

Good Luck!