TV between speakers: Curved Screen TV, help? Hurt?

For those of us that must have our TV between the speakers, I am wondering I'd the new curved screen TV's would offer benefit to reflections. Anyone that has done this, I would be curious to hear your experience. Or anyone with acoustics experience, would you be willing to share your thoughts and theory's? Although I am not attracted to the curved screen for viewing, it seems they offer the better picture.
Thanks in advance.
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Correction, it should read: I am wondering IF the new curved screens....
Auto correct strikes again.
Flat screen tvs can be a pain for two channel stereo imaging sure.

Best strategy is to avoid unique sound reflections off the screen via setup if possible. Not sure I would go to a curved screen just for that.

Either mount the tv on the wall so it essentially acts like part of the wall and keep it centered between speakers to balance the reflected sound or avoid placing the speakers forward of the screen to minimize impact of reflected sound. That's what I do as seen in my system picture and this works fairly well.
No tv is best if you like imaging and great stage otherwise good luck.
I had my tv mounted on the wall really sturdy, and had acoustic panels to the sides. I always pull my speakers out far from the walls. Having it set up like this wasn't bad but no tv is the best.

If you are doing a tv then mount it on the wall and figure out a way to block it with a few acoustic panels.

I take my tv in and out of my rig but everytime I put it back in I wonder why... I'd rather be listening to music on my stereo than watching some crap movie.
I don't think that having a curved screen would help. I've gone so far as to drape a nice army surplus wool blanket over my plasma flatscreen and it really works. The trouble is I'm lazy and stopped using it and just gotten used to it.

Positioning the speakers so that the drivers are out in front of anything between them would help matters as well.

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I must add that my situation is not ideal to wall mounting the TV. I have a room that really limits placement of all involved equipment. I do love my music and also enjoy TV viewing as well. So, I am trying to maximize speaker performance given the parameters of my confines. I can appreciate a dedicated room, just can't afford one. Thank you for your suggestions so far.
Mapman, I agree that the curved screen isn't my first choice. But so far in my research the TV that I like best (budget worthy) is the X900B, but hate the side speakers. So I am looking at Samsung as an option, but again the curved screen seems a little distracting and somewhat "gimmicky" to me.
Although they produce a great picture. At the end of the day if Panasonic still offered plasma, I would live with 1080p and forget 4K. But I think it takes 4K LCD to compete with plasma, except blacks.
Samsung also offers traditional flat screen TVs as well as the curved ones. They usually go for less. My situation is similar to yours as I have to have it all in the same room. Like I said, try to keep the drivers of the speakers out if front of everything and you should be okay.

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Thanks Nonoise, I have looked at the Samsung line up and they seem to
be investing their best tech on curved screens. I do have my speakers out
front as you suggest. I still get a reflection that I can reduce with an
acoustic panel I made to place in front of the TV. But being from the 70's I
have that need to have the TV on while listening☺️
Theo, I'm from the same era and do the same thing. Funny that.
A friend of mine has a custom built room designed by Rives (acoustic design/engineering firm). Along the front wall where the speakers are located is a giant floor to ceiling hardwood reflector located dead center on the wall. This reflector is curved, but, the curve is convex, not concave like the new tv sets. If you install the TV set backwards, it might act like the Rives reflector.
Isn't it the general consensus that curved screens are nothing more than a marketing gimmick?
I don't think there is any advantage to the curve, except perhaps for a perfectly centered viewer sitting at precisely the right distance from the screen. Anyone off center will be, at least for the half of the screen closer to the viewer, even further off axis than with a flat screen. Most of the flat screen technologies have issues with off axis performance so curving the screen would exacerbate such problems.

The sets I saw with curved screens also made room reflections much more annoying than a flat screen. Again, one would need perfect viewing conditions (dark room) to avoid this making the picture worse.
I think the curved screen fad may have to do with having that IMAX experience in your own home but the screen would have to be the size of your longest wall to have the same effect.
I think you have hit on some valid points. I really prefer flat and was trying to find a reason to weigh in favor of a curved screen and avoid the stupid speakers Sony has on the best TV I can justify financially. They do have a better TV that is $7K and I want a per amp for that kind of money. I did notice reflection issues on the curved screens and that adds to the annoyance that already exists by its shape.
Bottom line I'm going to continue to seek a flat screen, the question of acoustic advantage or dis-advantage really didn't get answered but my thoughts about the curved screen dislikes were confirmed here and I thank you for your help.
I have my speakers about 8 feet out into the room. My Samsung 4k 85" TV is against the back wall. I found that adding some of the SR HFT's (or my DIY version) to the center top and bottom center of the screen helps immensely with the center image.
Check out my systems page.
I recently installed the curved 78" Samsung to replace my flat Mitsubishi 73" dip, and it made a surprisingly nice improvement in sound stage and focus, especially at the 'sweet spot' Before, the flat TV was a big impediment to optimizing sound stage, it was collapsed, now things are much improved, in my room, set up on a diaganol. i also agree, unanticipated problem is significant glare reflections from almost any light source in room, or from room behind it, thru open baffles. But the image quality and picture quality are truly awesome. Love it!
Mribob, thank you for adding the info about the improved soundstage. I had thought it must help, but I have concluded that the glare issue would be a much bigger annoyance. I have pretty much decided to stay flat, I am just waiting for the new models to hit showrooms next month.
if you have to have it, just hang RPG diffusers over it during listening sessions. The sound waves will never "see" the tv.Put a soft towel between the screen and diffuser so it doesnt scratch. Layer EMI cloth behind/around but watch heat/vents. Interference is not only physical... use a separate power conditioner and plug it on a different circuit.
I don't see how a curved screen would offer ant acoustic advantage over a flat screen. To me they are like looking at a goldfish bowl. If you want improved acoustics do some research on acoustic panels but they aren't going to look good in your living room.
In the all out assault on room acoustics done by the firm Rives, there is a very large curved hardwood reflector in the center of the wall directly behind the speakers. But, the curve is convex not concave like a curved screen flatscreen. These this are such a bad gimmick.