TV/AV stands

I'm putting together a home theater and was wondering if it really makes a difference in the type of rack you put the TV and center speaker in as well as the other components such as amp, sound processor, dvd player, etc.?
Would glass shelving cause problems with vibrations from the speakers to the other components or disrupt the sound?
Any recommendations on racks for audio/video equipment?
I really like the "TV stand" I bought from Wood Technology. I have the one with the center channel speaker shelf and the quality/workmanship is first rate. Solid hard wood.

I custom build mine with Acrylic, which has a better resonation property than glass and is 8 times stronger. Look at the audio rack at
If you want the glass look, acrylic has a clear presents that glass cannot duplicate. Hope this helps.
I've seen some acrylic stands but figured they would scratch pretty easy and start looking dull.
If you have children or pets make sure that the "TV stand" is sturdy. Most modern TV's are quite heavy and can fatally hurt little ones should the TV tip over. May I also suggest that you avoid any "TV stands" that might reflect light and as best as possible, sound.
I like some of the furniture from Sanus Systems. I personally have a Euro Foundations unit for my stereo/video and it is very sturdy and open. I like the open design to allow the components air to cool. This may not always be the most asthetically pleasing, however, and modern recievers, dvd's etc. are probably built with an exclosed cabinet in mind. The other Sanus Systems models look sturdy as well, except for the natural furniture. I have seen the natural furniture in shops and it seems fragile. Also, Sanus has matching audio and video furniture so your system could have a consistent look. I think their best performing and sturdiest furniture would be the component line, but some of the others may work for you as well.

Glass has been know to occationally cause problems. I read about one case at an audio show where the glass was causing a resonance problem. The problem on this very expensive system was fixed with a piece of cardboard.
If you are looking for high quality, nice looking AV racks, check out Solidsteel racks from Italy...

I've got an H.6 and a pair of the H.6 Parters for associated gear and I think they are awesome tables...
I have a stand alone audio rack and matching TV stand from Tech Craft, Greyish posts with glass shelves and a real nice wire management post in the back. Looks real nice!

sure it doesent have Cherry wood, titanium posts, purpleheart shelves, seizmic bolts and all that, but then again it only cost 600 for both of them, and eveyone who sees them comments on how nice they look. You can get them at Soundtrack Audio (if they have those in your area)

Besides, unless you are loaded with money, $2000 for an AV rack can be better spend on upgrading your equipment

I have 3 subwoofers, ive never had a problem with vibrations.

Im not exactly sure what the issue with the vibrations is. If it doesent make your cd/lp/dvd skip, then whats the point in worrying about it? Its not like the vibrations can throw off 1's 0's or electrons. :)