tv as a pre-amp?

Here's my situation. I had been using a 2 channel Adcom preamp to drive 2 channel Adcom amplifier in my living room for the purpose of watching TV. Well, it seems that the preamp has seen better days. I really don't want to repair it. The television I'm using has audio output jacks, and the audio output levels can be configured to increase/decrease with the volume setting of the TV. So my question is, can I hook the audio out lines of the TV directly to the amplifier, in essence using my TV as the preamp?
it should work fine. I would start with the TV Volume down all the way though.
You can but the TV will have to be on while you're listening.
Fine for casual listening,I suppose. Not so good if you value sound quality.
Even for casual listening, the lack of clarity and background noise (that I hear) makes it not even mid-fi compared to even a humble preamp or integrated amp or even an A/V receiver.
Get a cheap Onkyo A9555 for a few hundred $ and you'll be in much better shape. And the remote on the Onkyo is very powerful so it's good for a TV situation (& you can buy extra remotes for a few bucks).
In practise it will work. In all likelihood it will sound terrible as the pre-amp in the TV is likely worth about $1.50. ANY outboard pre-amp will be much better.

But give it a shot and see what happens - it won't hurt anything.
Were you using the Adcom preamp to listen to the TV before it failed?

If so, I doubt if the audio quality will be much different with the TV amps driving the power amp.

But, I would be careful that the TV did not blow your preamp with turn on/off transients. May do the same to the power amp.

I had a lot of problems with HUM and noise levels using the TV as a source in my audio system. This was due to ground loop problems from the local cable TV grounds. If you have sat source it won't be a problem.