Turntables with warm/smooth mids and highs

Looking for suggestions for turntables that lean towards the smooth and warm side of the music spectrum , but with good bass control.
I am someone who really enjoys smooth mids and highs and I do not want to go any where near anything bright or forward sounding.
Price range up to $1500.00 Thanks, Tim
I think you are looking for a cartridge, not a turntable.
Timo, If you look at Nottingham, Wilson Full Circle or Michell turntables and purchase one of them you will have the best analogue investment coz they sound natural even with budget cartridges. I kept Rega P3 for only 3mo-s and than traded in for Michell Gyro SE that went up the price since 2001. Don't plan to sell it and never did so and probably never will.
Sota Comet III
Used VPI TNT1 or HW-19 IV. Both should be generally around your budget though you might be able to find a -19 IV a little cheaper.
Get a Linn - IF you have someone to set it up for you. They are very good bargains on the used market. Smooth, euphonic, musical. They sound nice.
A VPI HW-19 Mk.3 would do quite nicely. It sounds just like you described and is available in your price range. I used one for many years and it is still going strong in my son's system.
Buconero is correct, IMO.
You want (or you should want) your turntable to be as neutral, as "not there", as possible. You can then flavor your music as you like it by your choice of cartridge, tonearm, and/or phono stage. The others are probably correct about the colorations they impute to various turntables, however.
Thank you to everyone for your input , much appreciated.
A lot of good advise and suggestions!
My goal in asking was to find a good turntable to start with as the base. Which the advise given on finding a neutral TT to build on then adjust with cartidge , tonearm and phono stage was very helpful.
Thanks for the suggestions on the specific brand/model of TT also. I will take a look and listen, if possible, to those mentioned. Thanks again , Tim
If you do get a Linn....make sure that it is set up in your house. If it is set up perfectly in the store, by the time you get it home it will be out of wack.