Turntables: Vintage Marantz 6300 vs New NAD 533?

hi everyone, i'm new to LPs...just inherited a bunch of old records and i was wondering what would be a better turntable. i don't want to spend too much, so i was either looking at either the entry level NAD 533 vs an older Marantz model that is direct drive...

any advice for a newbie?


will be run through a Bryston 0.4B and 4B to Paradigm Studio 60 speakers.

Is the vintage Marantz in good shape and being used right now or will you need to get the unit overhauled by someone knowledgeable (good general cleaning; new greasing; part replacements; etc.). To my mind, using vintage equipment is OK, but only makes sense if the up keep is there. A good turntable overhaul will run over a $100 and possibly as high as $200. You may also wish to do a search at the Vintage Section over at the Audio Asylum and see how the Marantz illuminati feel about the 6300.

As for myself, if I only had a choice between the two, I would purchase a new NAD. It is essentially a Rega turntable with a NAD badge and the Regas have always been well reviewed. You also would have a warranty, in the event that something goes wrong.

There are probably other turntables in that price range to consider, but that is something that I will leave alone for now. For someone new to LP's and turntables, a good site to visit is the KAB site . Even if you don't purchase anything, lots of good info.

Regards, Rich

Rich makes good points. I'd take it a step further in saying anyone new to any audio technology is better off buying new so as to gain the support of the dealer. Once familiar with differences in sound and mechanics between one's refernce and possible upgrades, then used is a viable option.
Get an old AR, DUAL or Garrard, REK-o-KUT for about $20 at a garage sale and come out WAY ahead. NAD , rega etc are way over hyped.
"...and the Regas have always been well reviewed."


Talk to Kevin, owner of KAB Electroacoustics, dude. He's da man.


I don't quite understand the "ouch." Did I mis-lead regarding the Regas ... because it certainly was not my intent. I thought that the NAD was either based on the Rega P3/or was a Rega wearing a different name tag. With that being said, I also seem to remember that there are at least a couple of different Rega models being on recommended lists, etc. Never owned one though.

Lately, I have become just a bit leary of vintage electronics, mostly because of the cost associated with rehab-ing a vintage piece. I did it with two Marantz receivers ... which were both in good shape and acquired for a $100 or so each, but cost more than $250 each to properly rehab by a professional outfit ... and there is no warranty. For me, buying new equipment is the way to go (unless I really know the component's ownership history).

So, if the NAD is not the way to go and going with one of the Technics or other brands from KAB (the Technics are nice TT's ... owned one for many a year back in the 80's) ... that's cool.

Regards, Rich
rich, psychic (in case you haven't already noticed) is the resident direct-drive (kab) zealot, chipping away at the belt-drive dogma for many a moon now, and now complemented by johnnantais, idler wheel demi-god for an honest-to-god two pronged attack. his persistence is admirable, and his postings are pretty damn amusing to boot. i suspect that when not listening to vinyl or surfing the philippine basket trick websites, he's lurking here looking to place a strategic zinger.
I would go for the NAD533. It's a Rega 2 with a wood platter and sounds great to my ears.

I also will say that a Technics 1200 is not a bad table, either. This table is not made for 'merticulous' audiophiles but 'hard-spinning' DJ and Turntablists; however sounds great and will last for a long time

Let's compromise.....take a 1200 and add an Origin Live plate and OL1....