Turntables... Thorens v Denon

Anybody have experience with thorens td160 updated/refurbished turntables (belt drive) or Denon quartz dve  GT750 (again refurbished).  Both look retro cool and  would compliment my system nicely 

Thanks in advance

I haven't tried the GT750.  I did own a Denon DP60L, which was an upper-line model.  It had a large Rosewood base and was gorgeous! I also had a Rega 2, from the 1980's.  I compared the two tables with an a/ b test, and the Rega trounced the Denon. It wasn't close.  I would vote for the Thorens based on that experience, if looks are important, but you still want good sound.   
I'd go with the Thorens. Solid and musical. Resale would be higher.

I've had many Denon TTs over the years. I have set up and repaired many more. I have never seen a GT750 and it is not listed in any of the catalogs I can find. some exist on resell sites, and it looks like it might be a European market version. I have used the Thornes although it was some time ago. Regardless, the Denon is almost certainly a direct drive and the Thornes is a belt. As you would expect, they product a different type of sound. I like DD for the drive and pace they offer, and often a more solid bass. I like belts for the openness and cleaner upper range they often offer. These are generalities as I've not compared these two units directly. Unless you have a chance to try both, it may come down to the sound you are after.