Turntables...Pro-Ject 2.0

Dear Listeners, Audiots, Audiomaniacs: I'm considering the purchase of a phono and would like your advice and guidance on units in the $500 range. I would like to know about the sonic qualities, reliability and build quality of the "Sumiko, Pro-Ject 2.0". I can't find any website or review info on it, yet it is sold by many mail order houses in Stereophile magazine. Please share your thoughts and experiences with me, good or bad. Thank you for your assistance. ps. I use a YBA amp and psb stratus speakers.
Hello, No info on the 2.0, sorry. However, as a suggestion, I'd look instead to pick up a well-cared for, used Rega Planar 3, which you can find at your price cap.
Buy a Rega Planar-25 with a RB-600 arm for $800.00!! Class B table,borderline Class A arm.Your other stuff is too good for a pro-ject 2.0 or Planar-3 My dealer had the 25 last I knew.Mario...Owner of Toys From The Attic Call him @ 914-421-0069.He might still have it.Tell him Dave sent you and to give you a better price than $800.00.I think he would...
Thank you Faml24 and David99, your advice is important and will be carefully considered.
Ditto to the above. Also, you should look into VPI HW 19 JR with any of the arm combos, i.e., AQ PT-6, RB 300, ect. These are available via the internet and you can upgrade when you have the funds. However, if good sounds and turnkey is your desire then Rega is an excellant choice!