I am kicking the idea of trying out vinyl. It’s been a long time since I had a turntable and it took a lot of thought whether I can deal with what always seemed like the snap, crackle & pops of an album. Anyway, I’ve decided to take a plunge after all the buzz how awesome it is. Of course before I make any final decisions, I always turn to the Audiogon community for their expert thoughts, opinions and education. I’m also looking for suggestions for a nice affordable table with tone arm and cartridge. Being the fact this is new to me and I may hate it, I’m looking for suggestions on the best affordable set up I can do for a new or used in the price range of $1000/$1500. I’m sure I can get a better bang for the buck going used. I just don’t know anything about these animals. My system is older but I still enjoy it which consist of a Mark Levinson 23.5 amp, Proceed AVP 2+6 used for 2 channel audio, Audio Acoustics model 9 speakers, Ayre DAC for digital with Transparent Audio Ultra mm2 cables. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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@luvrockin What's 34% RH and how do you clean your records?
I bet this is a big reason for your clicks and pops. Cheers,
@sbank 34% RH = Relative Humidty in the house. I use the spin clean system when I first receive them, let them air dry and the prior to playing use the Audioquest carbon fiber brush or Audioquest micro brush with cleaning solution.
I remember a thread here a few months ago regarding the same phenomenon.  I don't recall the exact thread or details but if memory serves the consensus was pressing error or defects.  If not maybe someone who rembers or knows can chime in...
Pre-echo or print through. Not uncommon with records and not a defect that would cause me to reject a record. 34% RH is too dry in my estimation. Don't know where you live @luvrockin  but winter with central heating can do that. Can you increase the RH on your HVAC system? I adjust mine higher in the winter (in Texas now, where it isn't as cold as it was in the NE, but still makes a difference). 
Vinyl is a wonderful PITA. You get better at it. Record cleaning and care is part of it, for better or worse. Static is the devil, enhanced by dry conditions. I've gotten most of that sorted by effective cleaning, decent aftermarket inner sleeves and, for the most part, staying away from dry brushing in favor of an 'air puffer' to dust off surface lint from an otherwise clean record. I also learned to play and handle records in my bare feet- socks or shoes on carpet will charge you, and hence, the record. 
Sounds like @gshepardbuster is the kind of seller who goes beyond the call of duty. You are lucky! 
FWIW, the real cost in vinyl-land eventually becomes the records, sorting through different pressings, facing the challenges of the used record market to find the jewels and not being put off by the long list of things that can make you crazy. When it's right, it's pretty much as good as it gets, leaving aside my maniac friends who feed the tape beast. 
@whart thatbis what I thought about the pressing. gsheppardbuster who has gone well beyond the call of duty had also commented similar on possible pressing issues. That is not really a deal breaker on the LP. Just didn’t know if I had a tracking issue or something along those lines.

I live in the Midwest. I have (2) whole house humidifiers. I really don’t know how to get anymore humidity based on outside conditions. If I crank up the humidity much more, then I get a lake on all my windows frames from the glass pouring h20. I may try adding a portable humidifier just in that room. My thought is water seeks its own level. As the furnace fires up and I pull air from my listening rooms return air, that RH will probably drop and in theory gonup in the house? Anyway, I’ll keep poking with it and give it a shot.