I am kicking the idea of trying out vinyl. It’s been a long time since I had a turntable and it took a lot of thought whether I can deal with what always seemed like the snap, crackle & pops of an album. Anyway, I’ve decided to take a plunge after all the buzz how awesome it is. Of course before I make any final decisions, I always turn to the Audiogon community for their expert thoughts, opinions and education. I’m also looking for suggestions for a nice affordable table with tone arm and cartridge. Being the fact this is new to me and I may hate it, I’m looking for suggestions on the best affordable set up I can do for a new or used in the price range of $1000/$1500. I’m sure I can get a better bang for the buck going used. I just don’t know anything about these animals. My system is older but I still enjoy it which consist of a Mark Levinson 23.5 amp, Proceed AVP 2+6 used for 2 channel audio, Audio Acoustics model 9 speakers, Ayre DAC for digital with Transparent Audio Ultra mm2 cables. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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@dramatictenor & @sleepwalker65- I don think there is any extra source causing the hum. When I had the Exact 2 Cartridge in the arm, I also had a power conditioner which was used for a projector and DVD player. It was one shelf below the turntable in my rack. When it was powered up, that cartridge humid even more. When we swapped cartridges, no hum at all any time powered up or not. At the end of the day, the seller & I got the issue rectified by changing the cartridge. There’s a ton of info about hum issues from the Rega’s and the Exact 2 Cartridge. There’s also another upgraded power supply which supposedly helps this problem. At this point, I’m going to stay right where I’m at. I’ll be totally honest, although I love the sound of vinyl, I’m still having a rough time with the snap crackle and pop associated with it. Even after washing the albums and with 34% RH in the home, still get them pops. It’s a very hard decision and it’s still up in the air, but vinyl for me may be short lived :(

Any thoughts! Always at the beginning silence to the first song on an album or sometimes in the silence between tracks I can faintly hear the start of the next tune. Does that mean anything or is that normal?
@luvrockin What's 34% RH and how do you clean your records?
I bet this is a big reason for your clicks and pops. Cheers,
@sbank 34% RH = Relative Humidty in the house. I use the spin clean system when I first receive them, let them air dry and the prior to playing use the Audioquest carbon fiber brush or Audioquest micro brush with cleaning solution.
I remember a thread here a few months ago regarding the same phenomenon.  I don't recall the exact thread or details but if memory serves the consensus was pressing error or defects.  If not maybe someone who rembers or knows can chime in...