my father recently passed away and he has alot of high end audio gear...particularly turntables. Is there are market for them and cartridges?
Sorry to hear your bereavement. There is a market but shipping turntables is a big problem! Shipping companies seem to have a monopoly on destroying turntables in transit. Cartridges are not such a problem if packed in original carton, etc. Hope this is of use to you?
Sorry about your loss. I am looking for a good turntable. E mail with types and models Thanks Andy view@istar.ca
Sorry to hear about your father passing away man. I would like to know if he had any Sansui turntables.( thoes are some of the best. If this is a yes please E-mail me at JazzCool16@aol.com. if not, then still write me back because i still want any turntable you have. Please hurry to write back. thanks.
I am deeply sorry for your loss. There is a market for good used turntables. Please email me with descriptions and model nos. Robert Wear Sounds Great Inc. 706 234 3222
sorry about your loss--has anyone bought your turntables yet? let me know please thanks
You should check the going rates on this site for the tables you have before selling them. This will give you an idea of their fair market value.