Interested in two particular turntables,Pro-ject Debut Carbon and Sota Moonbeam II.The Pro-ject comes with a decent cartridge and the ability to use your choice of rca cables.Moon beam is more expensive without the extras but is a beautiful table that with a good cartridge would only be around $1000.Is the Moonbeam worth the extra money or is the Pro-ject the way to go?Thank you.
At the price of the moonbeam I would go with a rega rp3 and an ortofon 2m blue cartridge. The rega is more comparable to the higher level Sota comet but considerably cheaper.
Second Eslaudio. Rega RP3 will be hard to beat at $895.00 plus it has an upgrade path. I would stay away from Rega carts. Ortofon 2m Red would be a good start. Dynavector 10X5 mates very well with Rega.