Turntablebasics.com is the BEST

I'm not affiliated with them, just an analog lover. I needed a bunch of stuff to resusitate my old hopped-up AR ES1 and read some things here mentioning turntablebasics' offerings. I ordered online on Monday night and had it all in my mailbox on Wednesday morning! The protractor was nicely milled, but the replacement belt turned out to be too wide (my fault). I emailed back to Tim and he didn't even respond - he just sent the new one immediately. Got it in one day. Unbelieveable. Later, he emailed and mentioned that I could send the old one back when I could. All the other products I ordered were first-rate. Best customer service I have ever experienced, and I do it for a living. Clean, easy website and prices are excellent, too. This guy is doing it right.
I concur!

I've also has excellent experiences with Turntablebasics.com as well -- just got another order in today as a matter of fact... Classy operation and excellent service all around.
Agreed! I purchased the protractor and carbon brush from Tim, first rate to deal with and the protractor is very nicely finished. Price can't be beat as well.

Tim Wat