Turntable with sme mount

I'm looking to replace my Michell Tecnodec with an unsuspended table with SME mount capability. I'm trying to find a table with increased acoustic isolation especially for the arm. An Avid Diva seems to be an example of what I'm looking for at least from its appearance. Are there others? Thanks.
Nottingham & Verdier will fit the bill.
Why not a SME? Like a SME 20/2 or 30/2?
"An unsuspended table with SME mount." Why not an SME 10?
If your saying non-suspended because of set-up complexity or lack of bass/dynamics then I would not be concerned with looking at an AVID Volvere also. As good as the Diva is the Volvere is better. Suspension and set-up are easy. You get the benefits of suspended and non-suspended tables. I also think it betters the SME 10 for less money.
I will follow them up