Turntable with isolation base application VPI, ??

I have an HW-19, and a Bright Star Big Rock made specifically for the HW-19, with a seperate plinth for the SAMA. I would like to try this thing and have a few questions.

The main question is the feet on the TT. I really never cared for the Hw-19 rubber feet, they are kind of squishy, and wobbly if you try to use them to level the table.

I would think you would want the HW-19 coupled more firmly to the plinth on the Big Rock. I thought about making something up with some kind of threaded 10/32 rod and acorn nuts for feet just to be able to level the HW-19, and also have a good connection to the plinth on the Big Rock. Being afraid of the table being to able to slide on the plinth with these feet I made, I found very small hard rubber discs that these homemade feet fit into to keep the table in place from either sliding around, and also to keep it in position with the SAMA. I think this would work pretty good.

Plan B is some Brass or other type of cone. My issue here is a pointed cone would certainly grip into the plinth of the Big Rock to keep it from moving around, but will be sinking into the plinth making holes, boy also I would thing dig there way in deeper and deeper, and possibly unevenly, making leveling and issue over time. Using the cones with protective footers solves the point problem with the plinth, but also the metal footers seem pretty slick again on the hard plinth not keeping the table in place(not to mention someone bumping into the rack and the table sliding around.

So, I am probably over thinking this, but am looking for opinions on what to do for feet when used with the Big Rock sandbox?

One option is to put the points of your cones atop Walker Valid Points. However, if you use Walker cones and Valid Points, one could argue that the Big Rock becomes redundant. Cheers,
Vallid points on a 10?Why not spend $300-$400 a wall rack or Gngnko?I'd sell Table to someone without a table and the Brightstar here on Auydiogon and get a basic Scout.My buddy recently got a phono ana cart for his 19but analogue guru at Muisc Direct told him that the basic Scout (he was mentioning getting a Scoutmaster Signature) and was told that the 19 was fine in 80's bu if he bought even the basic Scout it would blow doors on his 19 Audioquest arm combo.For what you could sell the 19 for ,the Bright Star you'd be awfully close to the cost of used Scout.I have an $6K aextended Aruies and am thinkiong of downsizing to a Scout (or Scoutmaster) wih older TNT5 (not new all acryliic TNT6 even if it fits ring) an on Scout/master with Vahalla wirring andf anti skate and ad a an SDS and myt guess is I'll lose VTA on the fly and get a deck which get''s close andmaybe with SDS exceeds my Aries/12.5.Make a paltform out of maple or granite and use some a squash balls and you've got a poor mans Gunko maybe with some Vibrapods.If mking it out of wood make a motor cut out and with some wood shims the Blck Diamond moor plate is a a great tweak.But talk to folks about what you 19's worth and what a Scout can be gotten for cheap and how they compare.
Thanks guys for the thoughts. I really enjoy the info and opinions here, as they are certainly do very. I have recently just followed some threads from individuals that like the HW-19 better then the Scout ?? So I guess as always very subjective.