turntable with detachable headshell

Are there any currently produced audiophile turntables less than $3000 with tonearms bearing detachable headshells?
Technics 1200 knock-off, the Pioneer 1000.
Thanks; I did read a review, which was good. I wonder if other audiogon members see this as a quality audiophile TT?
Try the modded Stanton ST-150 from Mapleshade:


I own an unmodded version of this and you'd be surprised how good this $500 DJ turntable can sound once you start tweaking it. As-is, it's built like a tank and weighs 40 lbs. I put a Herbie's mat on mine, plus a premium headshell and a "sandbox" underneath. I'm tempted to get Mapleshade's modded version now.
with $3000 budged you can buy much better vintage turntable, plinth and tonearm separately.
The link is to a forum post regarding the new Pioneer 1000 turntable. Interesting reading. Look into the Jelco line of tonearms and mating one to a Sota Satellite II w/S202 table or like.