Turntable wire

Hello, this is a very silly question, but I'm getting crazy: the rca wire that goes from my rega planar 3 to the prephono has two jacks, one gray and the other red. Now, if I match the red with the red output of the prephono, and the gray with the white one, one speaker sounds louder than the other. On the contrary, if I match the gray plug with the red output, and the red with the white one, sound is much more balanced. Does anyone know why? Am I doing something wrong? Please help me!


There is something wrong somewhere, try switching the leads from the cartridge to the tonearm and see what effect that has. All you are doing is reversing the channels when you connect red to white and so on. If you change the cartridge leads and get an imbalance again I would suspect the cartridge had a problem, if you don't it may be in the cables, this is the kind of problem that is hard to diagnose at a distance, at least for me.