Turntable will share wall with 52" flat panel ...

...TV and front channel speakers in a compromise system that sees most of its time in 2 channel mode when not doing the HT thing. Does anyone know of any innovative low riser rack systems that won't give the overwhelming impression that the Turntable was shoehorned with great difficulty into a 21st-century-big-box-electronic-store-digitally-dominated-space? I have no objection to wall mounting the TV but don't wish to go higher with it than eye level from sitting in a recliner chair at ten or fifteen paces. I'd like to be able to raise the dust cover on the turntable with minimal chance of its being accidentally slammed into the TV screen but, at the same time, I don't want to give the visual impression that the turntable is sitting on the floor. I don't want to go much wider than 50" on the rack and would like something with some depth-from-wall should I decide to go with Mac or Levinson amp at some future point. Has anyone faced the same dilemna or have any suggestions?
Honestly I have looked at the same situation in order to keep the turntable in the center under a panel tv mostly in order to keep all electronics, amps, etc... in the same area center of the room with as short of cables as possible. What we need is an old style but in new modern looking form of a 50's console stereo cabinet.. They would be wide but low, only about 33" or so high, but have a top over the turntable that would open on hinges upward and then when not in use close the top plus it would be able to hide the turntable, and housed safely with a full counter over the top of it in a more compact area.

Anybody know where to buy or have made such a thing?
Closet? Other room? Putting it out of sight means stopping all room resonances. This only works if 'sound' can not get to the table. You will be surpirsed how the sound in a room can affect table, arm cartridge and dustcover. The latter should always be taken off the player and put in another room, they resonant like hell.
I live in metro PHX and found a cabinet maker in the yellow pages and had a cabinet built to my specifications. I wanted a low unit (20 in high) so the screen would be at eye level and enough room at the end for my Cary tube amp. I got smoked glass doors, three shelves per side and a compartment in the center for my little powered Triad woofer. The total cost was 1000.00 which was less than any of the cabinets in Crutchfield which did not exactly fit my needs plus a finish to match my teak table.
Check out the Salamander Chameleon Series.. or check my system thread to see pictures.. it's low 22" high and 46" wide and for $499 you can get a plasma mount on the back, my Berlin model has a glass top, which you could probably take and get cut in half so it would be removeable with the turtable inside. The other cabinets in that series which are more traditional have wood tops which once again you could cut and hinge off the alum frame which is inside these Salamander racks. They are low and extremely solid because of the alumium framed inter skin.

Custom always works if you have someone you can trust..
Ikea actually has several mod style shelves for equipment. I've also refinished (first gutted) an old motorola console, putting doors wrapped in a 50's fabric where the speakers were and installing a turntable inside. I've still got all the AlNiCo speakers and tube equipment that I'll put to use someday.

Also, I'd like to suggest the bludot moduliscious, as I'm a huge fan of pretty much all their stuff.

Room and board may also have a couple of solutions that may please your tastes.

I think furniture is one of those things that requires FAR MORE of that WAF than even speakers. Hope you find something that you enjoy!