Turntable wall mount DIY

I want to make a wall mount for my turntable anyone have any good suggestions or links? I have a Linn Axis with Akito arm.
Your reply's are appreciated thank you.

There are a number of companies that make a reasonable unit, but IIWM I would get a better shelf on which to set the Linn than the stock shelf.
The Target and the Rega are the most ubiquitous commercial ones, but here's a link to some interesting custom shelves that some folks have made:

In another thread of mine I will be giving a final review on the Neuance Platform below a Linn Sondek Lp12 w/Ittok LVII arm and Akiva cartridge, if you are interested. Others have spoke well of the Neuance Platform and it fits the parameters Ivor Tiefenbrun recommends for his Linn TT's, light weight and rigid. My wall mount rack is Italian and not manufactured anymore yet very similar to the Target. It implements metal spikes and a tubular steel construction. I'm not sure what the name of it is as I bought the thing over twenty-five years ago for this application. This arrangement sounded great before adding the new Platform but did exhibit some signs of room vibration in the shelf. The Platform is just settling in and it will be about a week, stay tuned. Cheers!
I recall a friend mounting his shelf from the ceiling using heavy duty fishing line and four adjustable turn buckles. I must admit it looked seriously cool just hanging in mid air . You could hardly see the line and the turnbuckles allowed for leveling as well as adjustment for initial stretching. He used a one inch piece of acrylic for the platform.
Chris -- how did he keep it from swaying?
Thank you for your replys.
I have built a shelf for about $20 using L brackets found at the local hardware store, a salamandar designs shelf found at a salamandar dealer. Must say that this is the best tweek I have ever done. It mad a huge improvement, I suggest this to anyone who has a turntable. It takes two people & around $20.
I have changed amps & heard less, much less. I now must listen to all my records again, it's like I got a whole new record collection.
I will have photos on my web site soon.
FWIW if you mix the materials for the shelf you can get better sound out of it. Layers of dissimilar materials with varying resonant frequencies will help to reduce or eliminate the effect of vibrations.
I did use some audioquest sorbathane between the wall and L brackets & the shelf & the L brackets.