Turntable upgraded power supply vs. PS Power Plant

I've been considering whether I'm better off with a PS Audio Power Plant (either the P500 or the newer Premier), or the dedicated HR power supply for my Gyro SE.

I would presume that the HR is better matched to the Gyro, but would a Power Plant on the whole system give better results than an HR just for the Gyro? Has anybody done this comparison, be it with the HR or with another TT manufacturer's upgraded power supply vs. a Power Plant?
You can't use that regenerated power with a turntable, PS Audio explains why.
The older P-500 made by PS Audio allows you to use it with a turntable. You must run it in SINE mode, which is a preselected run mode. I use to use it with my turntable and it does yield reults ...........
I am interested in the Premier but didn't know there is a problem with it powering a turntable. There is a review in positive-feedback that describes the improvement when the Premier was feeding a VPI Scout turntable. I couldn't find any reference on the PS Audio site - can anyone help explain further?
Is there perhaps a distinction between whether a Power Plant works well with an AC-powered turntable vs a DC-powered turntable? The Gyro is a DC-powered turntable, but the VPI Scout is AC-powered.

I have seen recommendations by PS Audio to use their Power Plants with turntables in place of dedicated power supplies...but they aren't the most neutral of sources.

Is there anybody who's tried this, with either or both of the 500 and the Premier, and compared it to a dedicated turntable power supply?
The earlier PS Audio Powerplant 300,500,1000,1200 had a selectable SIN setting and you could adjust the voltage in increments of 1. This LOCKED the AC output to a FIXED Voltage aka you could set it for 120volts and that's what you got.

The newer PS Audio Premier Powerplant is similar to the ExactPower in that it only regenerates the top distortion with Class D amplification so the unit supports more watts and runs a lot cooler... I was hugely dissappointed when I upgraded from a PS300 that wouldn't power my projector to a Premier by the fact that it can only correct power by about 5 volts and when my voltage flucuates from 122-129 the Premier can not be locked to 110 or 120 like the older Class A style regenerators. So my premier now switched from 120-126 on output and you can't lock it into a specific voltage. So this varying voltage would speed up and slow down the motor controller and be very bad for a turntable sound.

On a good note my PS Audio Premier runs my Video system (minus AMP and sub) including my projector which looks way better it still helps to protect the bulb. Noise floor was lowered, dynamics increased etc..

So if you buy an older PS Audio Powerplant 300 or 500 skip the Multiwave versions which cost more because you can't use those functions, only the SIN setting.

Clearaudio makes a Syncro turntable regenerator, VPI makes the SDS, and a couple others exist for turntables so you have other choices.
Thanks for the info Cytocycle, that's exactly the type of detailed info I was hoping to garner here.

A P500 would be sufficient to drive my whole system, since I just have a 70-watt integrated amp. In your opinion, would I be better with a P500 for the whole system, running in SIN mode, or would I be better with a dedicated power supply (in my case, the Michell HR power supply), but using a standard passive UPC200 on my amp and CD?
So keep in mind that the PS Audio Powerplant 300 can really only suppport about 210-230 watts output. The 500 doesn't exactly do 500watts, so check that spec.

Read this review...http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_4/simaudio-i-5-amplifier-10-2002.html

"Another feature of MOON amplifiers design is a custom proprietary toroidal transformer that has a lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss, resulting in a claimed much better power transfer. Consequently, a lower regulation factor is achieved which basically is saying that the transformer can supply power with only a 6% fluctuation, while you can expect 15% to 20% in common transformers. While I had the i-5 plugged into my PS300 Power Regenerator the entire time, it probably did not make any difference at all. Actually, the transformer in the i-5 probably makes a Power Regenerator redundant, even one of the P300’s caliber. As explained by an engineer who works with me, whose work involves him with power regulation at industrial levels, in the case of a power amp it is better to have your power regulated in the DC transformer than in the AC supply coming in"

So it sounds like your integrated won't benefit from the regeneration.. I'm sure it will reduce noise on the line but the question is how much.

I've never used a my PS Audio's on a turntable, so you need to post this question for some Michell owners as to whether the HR powersupply works better than the PS Audio. Hopefully someone will answer. One of my friends had a technodec and he asked his dealer should he upgrade from the RB250 to the Technoarm or go to the Gyro and the dealer recommended the HR powersupply as making the bigger difference. He has since bought a Gyro now with the Technoarm and the improvement was pretty small in his opinion.. so the dealer might be right about the powersupply (I can't listen to Rega because of the speed stability problems)

I upgraded to a turntable with a built-in regenerator Clearaudio Ambient which has their Syncro Controller built into the motor and I must stay was a huge step up to this table.